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I am Going to Change my Blog

I have some “housekeeping” items I thought I would throw all into one big post.

DIGITAL CRAFTING FANS:  I offer digital clip art kits on my blog store and have for several years.  In the next week or so, with Lynnie’s help (from www.aimeeasher.com) I am going to replace my blog store with a link to my store inside of Aimee Asher.

As those of you that have experienced it in the last couple of months know, my automated delivery system has been screwy and has failed to provide usable links more often than not.  The Aimee Asher system is great and well worth my sending the business their way instead of here. The prices are identical as are the kits and terms of use.  If you want to purchase any digital clip art kits, I would suggest that you use this link and go directly to AAE from now on.  LINK TO AUDREY JEANNE’S STORE AT AIMEE ASHER

Perhaps with fewer issues to deal with and without needing to upload and install a kit in two places I’ll be able to get some fresh new kits up 🙂  That is my goal anyway!

ZAZZLE STORES:  I have two Zazzle stores now.  One features “Everything Business” and is stocked with business cards, stationery, thank you notes, postage, address labels and more.



The other contains a wide variety of products from wedding invitations, baby announcements, baby onesies and tee shirts, scrapbook notebooks, recipe notebooks and pages and more.  You’ll also notice a new panel to the left with 3 of my Zazzle products shown in it.  Those three products change frequently so be sure to take a peek each time you stop by.  This format provides larger images that can be seen more clearly.  I had to give up the flash panel, but small moving objects aren’t really good for seeing anyway!

TWITTER: If you would like to follow me on Twitter, LINK TO TWITTER PAGE

FACEBOOK:  If you would like to follow my on my fan page at FaceBook, LINK TO FACEBOOK FAN PAGE I don’t play any games on FaceBook, so please don’t message me about that, but anything else I’d love to hear!

I update both Twitter and FaceBook daily and sometimes a couple of times a day and it’s very easy to connect with me there.  I love to hear feedback on designs I’m working on and often show the first peeks at Facebook as I’m working those collections out.

Okay, now off to bed after a long and wonderful day with my family!

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Quilt Market This Weekend, New Fabric Collection Debut

My newest fabric collection will debut this weekend at The Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is called “Paradise” and is a William Morris Inspired collection.  I have been a fan of William Morris’ Craftsman era design work my entire life.

The Panel Fabric has been designed with home decor or gift making in mind.  The square designs could be used for pillows, central images in a wall hanging or a quilt, as pockets on a quilted tote bag or the front panel of an apron, in quilted potholders, place mats… the possibilities are endless!

Here is a list of the text on the panel fabric:  “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all,” “Our family is a circle of strength and love, founded on faith, joined in love, kept by God,” “Home is where your story begins,” “What ever is done in love is done well,” “Live – Love – Laugh,” “We do not remember the days, we remember the moments,” “And in the end it’s not the year in a life, it’s the life in the years.”

There are additional colorways in the blues and the persimmon that will either coordinate or take the look in a little different direction.

I particularly like a black ground when I’m creating a quilted bag for everyday use, or ESPECIALLY APRONS.  I’m quite a “slinger” in the kitchen and black covers a multitude of sins, LOL!

A personal favorite in this collection is the border stripe.  Usable on its own for pillows or an accent fabric in a room, it can also be cut up for the borders of a quilt.  I love designing border fabrics in varying widths that will look as though you picked different but coordinating fabrics to create your quilt with.


Finding the fabrics in stores and online will take a bit.  They ship by the end of June.  The best way to find the fabrics at retail is to look in Google with the key words: Studio E Fabrics, Paradise and Audrey Jeanne Roberts.  If any fabric stores would like to contact me and let me know that you’re carrying the line I’d be more than happy to pass your links on.

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Finally!!! My New Fabric Line Debuts

Chocolate Love Quilting Fabrics by Studio E Fabrics and Audrey Jeanne Roberts

Finally, I get to show you my new fabric collection from Studio E Fabrics.  The fabric collection will be available through quilt shops nationally soon, so check with your local quilt shop to see if they will be carrying it.  The quality of the printing of these fabrics is simply breathtaking.  I was concerned whether they would be able to capture the watercolor feeling of the artwork and yet not looked washed out or flat.  When I received the samples for final check I was thrilled.  The translation to fabric was just about perfect!

Chocolate Love Quilting Fabrics by Studio E Fabrics and Audrey Jeanne Roberts

I was introduced to my “fabroholocism” directly through my family line.  We had a huge hall closet and a deep cabinet over the top of our clothing closets absolutely stuffed with every type of fabric imaginable.  Whenever we had a quilt to make we simply went “shopping” in our closet.  That little girl would never have imagined that she’d one day be creating fabrics for other “fabroholics” to enjoy!

Like many of you, I grew up in fabric shops.  I spent every Saturday afternoon with my mother and grandmother scouring the fabric section of my local TG & Y or Kmart store for some wonderful fabric to take home with me and make an exciting new project with.

I returned to my love of crafting and sewing when I became a mother.  At one point in my life I had a newborn daughter, a husband that was out of work for 16 months during the recession of 1980-81 and had to run my home budget including gas, food, diapers and clothing on $50 a week.  Trust me — $50 wasn’t much even then so it wasn’t easy to do.  But one of the ways I made it tolerable was to shop my local Yardage Town fabric store weekly and grab up their $.98 a yard remnants to make matching clothing for my daughter and I.  Had I not gone through this terribly difficult period in my life I wouldn’t have the career I have today.

Tough times = opportunity to grow.  Tough times force us to use our wits, our talents, our creativity in ways we wouldn’t do if we had an excess of funds and could just run to the store and buy anything we wish.  Tough times can be blessings in disguise — and introducing this fabric line today reminds me so clearly how valuable a gift and blessing was hidden in the brown paper wrapping of my early financial struggles.

So if you’re struggling financially, ask the Lord to show you how to find the blessings hidden in your struggle.  Be of good cheer, the Lord is there to show you the way through this difficult stretch of the road and He has a way to give you a gift in a brown paper wrapping too if you’ll accept it, open it and put it to use!

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY: Prov 10:22  The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.  NIV

PRAYER:  Lord, I’ve been around enough wealth in my life to know that some “blessings” can really be a curse and bring great sorrow to a home.  Thank you that I can trust your blessings.  No blessing you’ve ever brought to me has had a hidden trouble within it, but many “troubles” you’ve allowed in my life sure have had hidden blessings within them.

I want to especially thank you Lord, for those hidden blessings that have been wrapped in the brown paper of struggle and suffering.  So many times when I look back at my life — the days I thought you had abandoned me to a problem that was too great for me to handle, you were really sending a blessing I couldn’t yet see.  Please help me to remember those days of the past each time I face a new struggle since I sure seem to forget easily!  AMEN

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A Special Friend Stopped By Today…

Phyllis Dobbs, who is a wonderful artist specializing in designing fabrics as well as many other products, stopped by my blog at Daisie Company and noticed that it has been disabled so she emailed me.  (Which reminds me to mention to you guys that have found my blog here, please send a note to anyone you know has been a reader giving them the new link if you would please :-).)

Phyllis and I have known each other for about 5 or 6 years now and have so much fun together at the gift show in Atlanta when I get to go there.  She designs some incredibly whimsical art.  I snagged a picture from her blog to post here.  If you love finding out about quilting or other sewing projects, you’ll love to stop by her blog which is on my blogroll to the right.  Her regular website address is www.phyllisdobbs.com.  Stop by and say “Hi!”

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