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Brand New “Nature’s Christmas 2” Digital Clip Art Kit

audrey jeanne roberts, quilt, quilted, quilt-inspired, magnolias, amaryllis, red cardinals, pine boughs, holly berry,

audrey jeanne roberts, quilted greeting card, magnolias

audrey jeanne roberts, magnolias, christmas wreath, pine boughs, cardinal

audrey jeanne roberts, quilt square border, quilted borders, digital clip art, christmas, stars, pine boughs

audrey jeanne roberts, quilted stationery, photo corners, digital clip art, scrapbooking, christmasCLICK HERE FOR THE STORE LINK TO “NATURE’S CHRISTMAS 2” This isn’t only for Christmas.  With it’s Quilting inspired art pieces and warm winter color palette, it can actually be used both for Christmas and year ’round.

The kit contains 32 pcs. and many of them are pieced “quilts” in square, border or frame format.  There are two finished card fronts and a wide variety of borders.

Deep reds and greens with parchment tan makes up the color palette.  I hope that you will enjoy the classic, natural feel of this artwork and the quilts that were created from it!

Again, my store isn’t behaving right and it isn’t showing the extra previews, so I have shown all of them here.  That way you can see every piece that is included in this kit.

By the way, if you click on any picture an enlarged version will pop up.

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Nature’s Christmas New in Store

natural christmas, pine boughs, amaryllis, red cardinals, pine cones, audrey jeanne roberts

natural christmas, holly berry swag, stars, pine cones

natural christmas clip art, red poinsettia, stocking, candles, joyCLICK HERE FOR LINK TO THE “NATURE’S CHRISTMAS KIT” IN THE STORE. Unfortunately, my store has suddenly stopped showing the extra product shots of the kits.  It is my habit to show 100% of the pieces included in an art kit in the previews.  I like to see what I’m buying anytime I buy something, so I make sure that you can too.  So I’ll show all of the previews here and my helper will probably be able to help me figure it out when she gets back from her weekend away.

This set is called “Nature’s Christmas” and has an elegant, woodsy feel to it.  I love to alternate between glitzy glamourous Christmas decor and then a more natural feeling Christmas.  My favorite place to celebrate Christmas is up in the mountains at Hume Lake Christian Conference center, especially when they get an early snow.  This set captures those wonderful memories for me and I hope will help you create some very special memories this coming holiday season!

I want to remind you that there are only 133 days left until Christmas.  If you are like me and want to do so much but never quite get it done.  Think of one project you can work on this month and get it done.  You’ll feel so good about it that it will give you the momentum to keep going — honest!!!  The years that I’ve done that have been such fun and special holidays.  It’s so much fun to have “guiltless” holidays.  If we stick together we can do it!!!

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