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Digital Clip Art Link Now Available

We have now disabled our own store and linked this site up to our complete storefront at Aimee Asher Elite.  If you look to the right you’ll see “Browse Digital products”  When you click on that link it will open my store in AAE here in my blog.  Be patient, it may take a few seconds, but you’ll be able to scroll through all 15 pages of digital clip art that is currently available, with more coming weekly.

In addition, on the left side column under the “Zazzle Store” products, you’ll see “New Products” previews.

To purchase any of the clip art, you will need to become a member at Aimee Asher and log in.  There are lots of other wonderful artists there, so go take a peek and enjoy!

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Brand New Sweet ‘n Innocent Halloween Clip Art

Halloween, boo, ghost, trick or treat, scarecrow, rip, stacked pumpkins, moon digital clip art

digital clip art paper pack, halloween, pumpkin patch, ghosts, bats,

Harvest, fall, autumn, leaves, pumpkins, checkerboard digital clip art kit.

You can find all of these sets here:  Click here for HARVEST, FALL AND HALLOWEEN KITS

This is the very first Halloween Clip Art Kit I’ve ever done.  I wanted to do something that was very sweet and innocent — non-scary for the little kids.  I have to confess that doing framed prints for a living I’ve never even considered doing Halloween Art.  After all not many people want to put up a picture on their walls with this theme, LOL!

I hope you’ll enjoy the sets.  I’ve created one “Trick or Treat Art Kit,” a matching paper pack and a “Harvest Blessings Art Kit.”  

The previews feature a lot of the midnight blue colors but make sure you see all of the previews as there are a lot of traditional orange, gold, and browns in this as well!

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Featured Crafter: Rebeca Shimansky from Spain

The Schimansky family from SpainDigital crafting is a rapidly growing hobby and/or profession for many women.  One of the women I’ve been so blessed to get to know over the last year is Rebeca.  She’s the wife of a Pastor in Spain and searched the internet to find art that she could use to create Christian Products to sell and help support their family and ministry.

craft products created from audrey jeanne roberts\' digital clip artI was very taken with their story and asked her if I could interview her and share her story with the rest of my readers.  I asked her a series of questions and she wrote back such a wonderful response that I don’t want to cut it short.  I think what I’ll do is post part of it here on line and upload it in it’s entirety as a pdf document for those who would like to read the entire story and see their family pictures.

autumn, fall, digital clip art kit, audrey jeanne roberts, pumpkins, squash, leaves, harvestREBECA’S STORY  ” In answer to your questions I started pressing flowers and making pictures with Scripture verses when I was 15, and have been at it since then. My Mother has always been very encouraging, and it is wonderful to be able to create something beautiful that has a special message from the Bible.  Last year we were struggling financially, so we started thinking and praying about the possibility of really pushing Inspiraflor (Inspire-flower would be the translation, although it sounds better in Spanish.. =)
harvest, Autumn, fall, paper pack, digital clip art, audrey jeanne robertSo I started looking on the web and found digital scrapbooking, and thought that this truly would be a great tool to be able to create things for everyone, not just beautiful flowery creations. But I really wanted to be careful about the copyright laws, so I prayed that the Lord would guide me to the right site. Well after MUCH looking I found the DAISIE Company and their wonderful Angel Policy under which I knew I could operate, so I started making cards, calendars, bookmarkers, stickers, pictures, and several other items. I am truly amazed at how the Lord has led me and helped me.  LINK TO COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE”

AUDREY’S RESPONSE:  Producing art that young (or not so young) mothers can use to create products to help their families has been a dream fulfilled for me.  I was able to be home with my children because of crafting and wouldn’t have the career I have today were it not for the wonderful craft shows I was able to sell my wares at.  If you are a crafter or professional crafter I’d love to hear your stories and just might feature some more of them if the response is strong enough.

On the business end, I have two new kits up in the store today.  AUTUMN GLORY 1 DIGITAL CLIP ART KIT Link here and AUTUMN GLORY 1 PAPER PACK Link here are now available.   You can see the previews above.  I’ll be uploading my fonts next, so stay tuned!

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“Harvest Blessings” Digital Clip Art Kit Comes to the Shop

harvest, fall, autumn, halloween, thanksgiving, pumpkins, scarecrow, tree, owl clip art

harvest, fall, autumn, halloween, thanksgiving, pumpkins, stacked pumpkins clip art

harvest, fall, autumn, halloween, thanksgiving, pumpkins, scarecrow, tree, owl clip art

harvest, fall, autumn, halloween, thanksgiving, pumpkins, scarecrow, tree, owl clip art

harvest, fall, autumn, halloween, thanksgiving, pumpkins, scarecrow, tree, owl clip artCLICK HERE FOR LINK TO THIS KIT IN THE STORE

This kit will be on sale at an introductory price for 20% off until September 4th, 2008.

It took all day to get this pulled together, but I finally got it up in the store.  I normally do not release new art directly for digital clip art, but I intentionally created these kits for this purpose.  So many of you are so patient with me when I show you art that you can’t have yet I wanted to do something special for this season and for my special friends!

There are quite a few pumpkins, pumpkin leaves and vines that  you can put together to make borders, frames or other items with.  In addition there’s an adorable art piece with a pumpkin-headed scarecrow, owl and a fun autumn tree.

This kit will also work very well with the Fall/Harvest sets that I released last year (and hope to have up on this site during the next week).  There will be a paper pack to match that will be out shortly.

In addition, later this week or next, there will be a sweet, innocent, non-scary Halloween set coming.  The art for it was painted at the same time this art was and it will coordinate perfectly together.

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Freebie, Anticipating the Coming Fall Season with Joy!

Free pumpkin digital printable recipe card for pumpkin pie, thanksgiving, halloween, fall

Free digital printable recipe card halloween, scarecrow, pumpkin, trick or treat, candy cornCLICK HERE FOR LINK TO FREE RECIPE CARD DOWNLOAD Those of you that know me, know that I ADORE THE FALL!!!  The first crisp day of the fall season is one of my favorite days of the year.  Perhaps it’s because I live in a very warm summer area of the country and don’t particularly enjoy heat.  Perhaps it is because I love the warm, spiritual focus of Thanksgiving and Christmas and the first day of fall reminds us all that these seasons are approaching.  All I know is that I felt the tiniest hint of coolness a night or two ago and my heart soared, LOL!

I am working on brand new art this week.  Normally I don’t release brand new art to digital use until 2 or 3 years of licensing has passed, but I’m going to break my rules on this one.  I’ve been painting up a storm and have a freebie to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

These recipe cards show art from two of the kits, one is purely pumpkins and fall, the other is a very sweet, non-scary Halloween kit.  Each is available in a lined and unlined version so you can hand write or type in your recipes.  I hope you’ll enjoy both the sneak peek and the freebie recipe cards.

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY:  Ps 5:11-12  But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.  Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.   For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.  NIV

PRAYER:  Lord, help me to remember as I struggle with the challenges of each day that you desire to be a refuge for me to run into.  You want me to come with you with each stress, each joy, each sadness and trouble.  Basically, you want me to come to you with EVERYTHING!

A refuge is a safe place, a resting place and a place that can be defended.  Help me to rejoice knowing that you are standing guard over me and surrounding me with your inpenetrable shield.  Thank you Lord that you are blessing my life as I rest and rejoice in you.  AMEN

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