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Digital Clip Art Link Now Available

We have now disabled our own store and linked this site up to our complete storefront at Aimee Asher Elite.  If you look to the right you’ll see “Browse Digital products”  When you click on that link it will open my store in AAE here in my blog.  Be patient, it may take a few seconds, but you’ll be able to scroll through all 15 pages of digital clip art that is currently available, with more coming weekly.

In addition, on the left side column under the “Zazzle Store” products, you’ll see “New Products” previews.

To purchase any of the clip art, you will need to become a member at Aimee Asher and log in.  There are lots of other wonderful artists there, so go take a peek and enjoy!

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The Store is (Finally) Open For Business :-)

Oh my goodness, without the help of a dear, dear friend (who I swear has angel’s wings hiding under her blouse) I would never have finally been able to start loading the store.

You will find each of the kits either by clicking on the left hand side of this blog, under “Newest Products” or by clicking “Product Groups” on the top left side directly under the calendar.

One of my kits is brand new and can be won as a prize in Lambie’s contest at www.daisiecompany.com (the message board is down right now until early next week) or if you are impatient with contests can be purchased here for $2.98!

I will initially start loading kits that I have already released elsewhere and then will soon start adding brand new kits exclusive to this site.  One of those kits will be a new Day Planner created with the templates of Abigail Scott DESIGN Studios and licensed for use here.  I have personally been using this planner for 2 months now and from that experience will be doing some slight refining of the set before I release it.

Most creative people I know HATE having to be organized, but if their organizational system is PRETTY and gets them lots of compliments I find they have a much higher chance of actually USING IT!!!  I am personally doing really well with it — it’s helped me a great deal, and I hope it will help others who are similarly “organizationally challenged!”

I will expand to my monthly FREE drawings.  Each person that purchases from the web site will be eligible to be drawn as the winner of a FREE kit.  So now you’ll have two ways to win.  Please pass the word on to your friends, your word of mouth is the very, very best advertising!!!!

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