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Deja’ Brew Coffee Art in a Calendar for 2011

There are twelve individual pieces of art that come together in this calendar, all with beautiful art and many with some humorous sayings having to do with the consumption of coffee!

Here’s a coffee mug with one of the calendar images on it.

I created this artwork with a calendar in mind, but then took two years to put it on one, LOL!  It’s been used in a fabric collection and a kitchen soft goods collection as well as quite a few other product lines.  In addition to the calendar each print will be available as a poster to frame or to put on canvas — your choice.

Every calendar page will eventually be available as a print.

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Stopping to Enjoy Life!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s pretty trite saying isn’t it “Stop and smell the roses?!”  But today, that’s what I’m doing.  I’m stopping to think about all that’s right about my world.  Are there troubles?  Of course.  Are there frustrations?  Duuuuhhhh!  But all in all, life is GOOD.

It’s too busy, but a lot of that is my fault and how I choose to prioritize my work.  I’m working on that one.  Working really hard on that one and making some significant progress. Some times you have to work harder and longer in order to work less — but if you have a plan you can get there.

Why is life good?  My family loves me and I adore them.  We have FUN together, not just tolerate each other 🙂  We actually get along with each other.  We love to play together, whether it’s playing a new board game, watching a movie (if we can stay awake long enough to catch the ending).  We like to 4 wheel together, at least those of us with backs strong enough to take the pounding.  We’re going camping together next week in one of the most beautiful places on God’s green earth and it’s in our own backyard so to speak.  I’ll take some pic with my new DROID phone and see if I can figure out how to post them.  Isn’t that the key?  LIFE is really about the PEOPLE we share it with.

I’m just writing to remind each of you.  Stop and think.  What’s GOOD about your life?  Who is good in your life?  Have you told them that?  What’s AMAZING about your life?  What are the things that God is teaching you out of the tough times in your life?  It’s all a matter of perspective, even tough times can be incredible blessings.

Would you please share with us what’s good in your life and share your blessings in the comments section so that we can remind each other about how wonderful life really is?  Remember, there’s one week left in this month’s blog contest.  Each comment is an entry into the contest.  Feel free to post those comments away.  Any day of this month is eligible.  You will win your choice of any of my Etsy store $4.95 digital kits. Notice on the right hand side of the blog is a new “Pocket Shop” provided from the wonderful website “Craftcult.” Thanks to them for making ways for those of us who hand craft to get the word out about what we do.

LIFE IS GOOD!  Take time to remind yourself.  Like the picture below says “RELAX!”  Have a cup of tea with someone you love.  Enjoy the sunset.  Pamper yourself or someone you love.  Enjoy life…

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Digital Clip Art Link Now Available

We have now disabled our own store and linked this site up to our complete storefront at Aimee Asher Elite.  If you look to the right you’ll see “Browse Digital products”  When you click on that link it will open my store in AAE here in my blog.  Be patient, it may take a few seconds, but you’ll be able to scroll through all 15 pages of digital clip art that is currently available, with more coming weekly.

In addition, on the left side column under the “Zazzle Store” products, you’ll see “New Products” previews.

To purchase any of the clip art, you will need to become a member at Aimee Asher and log in.  There are lots of other wonderful artists there, so go take a peek and enjoy!

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Deja’ Brew Paper Pack New in Store

ajro1-227-aa-1This paper pack coordinates with my new Deja’ Brew Digital Clip Art Kit, but with its contemporary color palette it can be used for much more than coffee-oriented designs.

There are 12, 12″ digital papers included in this kit for $2.98.  There is a third kit in this series that I will have out in another couple of days (hopefully!)  That kit is “Deja’ Brew Holidays” and has fall and winter art with a coffee theme.  All three kits color coordinate for your use.

ajro1-229-aaAlso, I have a FREEBIE bookmark and gift tag set that is available at this link:  LINK TO FREEBIE IN AIMEE ASHER STORE


SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY:  1 Thess 5:16-18  Be joyful always; pray continually;  give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  NIV

COMMENTS:  I’ve been watching people for many years.  I am fascinated by watching how people weather the storms in their lives.  It seems that the same storm that swamps one person and begins to send them underwater elevates another person to a new place in their walk with Christ.  What makes the difference?  What makes one person  bitter and other better?

I’m not sure what the entire answer is but here are a few things I’ve observed over the years.  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.  Circumstances come and circumstances go — God’s will as expressed in the scripture above isn’t about the circumstances — it’s about our response to them.

An attitude of gratitude carries us to victory especially over difficult circumstances.  When faced with terrible struggles, those who lead a joyful life find their proper perspective by looking first to God.  They recount what He has done in their lives in the past and begin to expect Him to bring them through the current situation as He has many, many times before.  They express gratitude.  They look for the good that can be brought out of difficulties.  They ask God to use their current circumstances to touch others.  They ARE NOT “ME” CENTERED, but are others and God-centered.

So far in my life, I have not yet met a continually depressed person whose life is characterized by a spirit of gratefulness and thanksgiving.  For those that struggle with depression, I know that it can be a physical issue, a mental issue and a spiritual issue.  Without discounting the physical aspect, there are ways that you can take control of your thoughts and choose to express gratitude for what you have and look up to God to make a way out of the darkness you feel trapped in.  Your focus and attitude can change your feelings.

This scripture is a command.  Notice it doesn’t say “Feel joyful.  Feel prayerful.  Feel grateful?”  Instead it says “Be joyful always.”  What’s the difference?  Choice, pure and simple.  I can choose to be joyful.  I can choose my attitude and usually the feelings follow.  If I wait for the feelings to take the steps toward the action I’m usually waiting and waiting and waiting….

When dreary thoughts come, try this exercise.  Think about what God has done for you in the past week, month, or year and thank Him for His faithfulness.  When you feel overwhelmed and depressed or perhaps feel that no one cares for you — ask God to show you someone who you can make a difference in their life today.  Turn your thoughts outward rather than inward.

If you wish someone would call to cheer you up, find someone to call and cheer up!  Be joyful!  Spread joy!  Be thankful!  Spread thanksgiving to others.  Find someone who is doing a great job and tell them so!  Do you wish someone would take notice about what you are doing for them?  Do you feel unappreciated?  Trust me we ALL have to admit to feeling this on a regular basis, LOL!  Look for someone else that is doing kind things and express your appreciation.  These actions can go a long way to lifting your depression and blahs.

Joy is contagious!  Gratefulness is contagious!  Living in an attitude of thanksgiving produces great joy and satisfaction in our lives — without our circumstances changing one bit and if they do change?!  Whoo hooo hoooo!  IT’S PARTY TIME!

PRAYER:  Lord, sometimes I find my eyes become downcast and I become so focused on my own needs that I can’t break loose of depression and heaviness of heart.  Show me how to be joyful.  Help me to learn that joy is an action not a feeling.  Teach me the attitude of joy and gratefulness.

Remind me of all you’ve done for me in the past that I might express my heart of thanksgiving towards you in a new way.  Let thanksgiving fill my heart and my mouth so that I can be filled with your presence and joy.  Show me others who are in need of the joy of the Lord today and help me to be bring a ray of light to their dark and dreary world.

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Deja’ Brew Coffee Digital Clip Art Kit New in the Store!

ajr01-225-a9-1I finally was able to spend a morning getting a new digital clip art kit into the store!  This one has been long awaited by many of you.  It’s my Deja’ Brew Coffee Collection.  For those of you that are quilters or love to sew you may have already seen the fabrics that debuted in January with Studio E Fabrics.  This digital clip art kit coordinates with the fabrics and if you love to sew the possibilities are endless.  You could design and print your own coordinating pieces on printable fabrics such a Pabric (www.pabric.com) and create a whole kitchen decor between the items you print yourself and the fabric panel from Studio E or the coordinating fabrics!

For those that don’t sew you’ll also find plenty of ways to use this artwork, especially if you love to create your own gift/food products for gifts or as a crafter.  If you don’t sew, try using the coordinating fabrics as your “gift bag” by cutting out large circles of fabric with pinking shears, putting your cookies, chocolate covered coffee beans or other goodies inside the fabrics and creating your own gift tags, product toppers or other packaging options.

There will be a paper pack to coordinate and a Deja’ Brew Holidays that contains both fall and winter designs that coordinate.  Look for them in the next couple days if everything goes okay.  Enjoy!!

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My Newest Fabric Line is Out!

I just happened to check Studio E Fabric’s website this morning and noticed that “Deja’ Brew” is up on it.  This coffee collection was so much fun to put together, it combined two of my favorite loves  — COFFEE and the color palette!

If you click on the images they will enlarge so that you can see the detail.  The first fabric is a panel fabric.  It was designed so that you can use the squares to create fun and creative quilts, or use the individual designs for pillows, place mats, kitchen decorative items and wall hangings.  I can’t wait to see what is made with them.  If you make something out of my fabrics, please let me know I’d love to see what you’ve created!

LINK TO DEJA BREW QUILTING FABRICS.  I will be attending the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, PA next month for the debut of the line.  Anyone attending that show please make sure and stop by the Studio E booth and ask for me, they’ll know how to get a hold of me and I’d love to meet you!.

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Sitting in Starbucks Sketching Ideas for Coffee Art!

That’s just one of the many activities that I did this past 2 days to do some research and planning on some new coffee art.  I sat there drinking my Cafe Americano, sketch pad in hand drawing their various coffee mugs in different positions with customers and store clerks looking over my shoulder from time to time.  It was fun.

Now my problem is I have about 1/2 a million ideas and I need to narrow things down a bit.  My agent heads to Atlanta this week.  During the show season things are generally pretty quiet so I have the opportunity to paint a lot without interruptions. 

This is my favorite time of the year as a licensed artist.  My older art is just hitting the marketplace in new product lines and I’m off exploring what to do next!  I love working on projects with my manufacturers and designing products out of art that has already been completed, but having the freedom to just “play” and see what happens makes me feel like a little girl again on a rainy day pulling out my mother’s secret weapon (the “rainy day box” of art supplies!)   

For those of you that buy my digital art kits, this art won’t make it there for a very long time, but perhaps I will throw together a bookmark of other goodie to give you a “taste” of the coffee collection (pun fully intended!!!)

Remember, the blog contest will be concluding on the 30th and I’ll be drawing a winner on the 1st of July, so if you haven’t commented on posts between the 16th and th 30th you still have time to catch up and get your entries in.  All you have to do to enter is write a comment and we pick one at random to win a FREE digital clip art kit from my collection at www.daisiecompany.com.

Now, back to my painting studio I go…

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY:  Isa 60:1-3  “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.  See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.  Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.  NIV

COMMENTS:  I love this verse as a “coffee” illustration as I am not much of a morning person (to put it mildly) so shining brightly in the morning is not exactly my M.O.!  However, God loves to meet us in the morning and shine His light in our hearts and through us into a very dark world. 

I have been spending more time out in the day-to-day world in the past few months than I have in many years and have met many people whose lives seem to be filled with a darkness, heaviness and hopelessness.  They don’t know that their lives can be filled with God’s light and His love, and they won’t unless I (and you) let that light shine into their darkness.

PRAYER:  Lord, I am so blessed to live in your light.  I know that it is purely because of your grace and mercy.  I realize that I’ve grown so accustomed to the light, I don’t even realize how bright it is in comparison to the darkness that is around me any more.  Lord, let your light so fill me and shine in my daily walk that I am a walking flashlight that brings light to those who are in darkness without even having to think about it.

Lord, let your glory shine over me in ways that draw men and women to seek you.  Let them see the difference that having you in my life makes.  For those I meet, who are dwelling in the darkness of sin, confusion, death, addiction and all manner of dark-filled places let them see and begin to long for the freedom that comes from living in the light of your word.  AMEN

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