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Coming Tomorrow! Additional Previews of Tropical Clip Art Kit. Free clip art contest ends in 3 days!!! by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

There’s three more days left to enter in the Free Clip Art Contest.  Just read back through this month’s posts and leave comments.  The way it works is that we draw the # of a day and then look to see how many posts there were that day as sometimes I post more than once a day.  Then we draw the # of the post and the # of the comments, so those that read and post each day have a much higher chance of being selected (or go back and comment throughout the month if you’re late to the process )  The winner gets their choice of the two Tropical Breeze Scrapbook Quick Pages Kits shown earlier in the month.

Here’s the additional product shots for Tropical Breeze 2 and there’s a preview of a set of Premade scrapbook pages for Summer Fun 1 that also will be coming out tomorrow.tropical clip art previews, palm trees

It took an insane amount of time, but I carefully clipped out each and every palm tree or palm cluster from 4 different paintings so that they are incredibly useful.and flexible for your layouts..

There are also a couple of wide borders with torn edges and a wavy stitched border. preview tropical beach clip art cloudy skies

This cloudy blue sky can be used for a lot more than beachy crafts.  It was createded painstakingly from 3 different paintings. it has a similar purely beach and waves paper that I haven’t shown. 

The Summer Fun kit makes great summer scrapbook pages.  If you have pool shots, days at a waterpark, photos of your kids running through the sprinklers or any watery fun to document these pages are great for them.

scrapbook pages premade templatesDon’t forget to take lots of pictures as you enjoy your summer and think about what you want to scrap BEFORE you go play.  It can make things so much easier than trying to figure out what you want to do with the photos afterwards.  When you plan the shots that you would like to have you get much better results and avoid the "Oh no, I didn’t take a picture of….!"

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

THE PROVERB FOR THE DAY:  Proverbs 28: 1-2 "The wicked are edgy with guilt, ready to run off even when no one’s after them; Honest people are relaxed and confident, bold as lions.  When the country is in chaos, everybody has a plan to fix it — But it takes a leader of real understanding to straighten things out."  The Message

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Dealing With Change & More Digital Clip Art Previews, Tropical, Beach, Summer by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

Change… it should be spelled with four letters because most of us consider it a "four letter word" if you get my drift!  Change is stressful.  Change is challenging and unsettling and yet it’s the only consistent thing about life!  The only absolutely predictable thing we have in life is that it will change.

Do you handle change well?  Do you dread it or look forward to it with excitement and anticipation?  I remember watching a special on one of the three networks some years ago, where a study had been done and in-depth interviews had been conducted with a fairly large sampling of people who were over 100 years of age.  They were looking for a clue to help others live longer in the common emotional or personality characteristics that would be found in this group.

The #1 characteristic was adaptability to change and its counterpart, being able to deal effectively with loss.  When interviewed, each related that they had to be flexible and decide to keep on enjoying life after they experienced losses.  They stressed that if you live to be 100 you will have lost virtually everyone you have known and loved and will be left with a younger generation that you might not know very well.  Forming new relationships was key.  It was intriguing to think about.

How can you deal more effectively with change?  Here’s some of my coping mechanisms and I’d like to encourage readers to contribute your own in the comments section.  To post a comment, click on the "comments" link below and it will lead you through the process.

  1. Expect change.  Sounds simple, but we are constantly surprised that change occurs!   Expecting that things can change at any time can help you establish an emotional equilibrium that is stable even when your world is shaking a bit.
  2. Be Thankful.  Live in a constant state of gratefulness for whatever it is that you enjoy in your life, whether it’s a wonderful home, a good marriage, great kids, a job you love.  Enjoy it every single day so that if any one of those blessings are lost or must change, you have never taken them for granted.
  3. Be flexible.  I’ve noticed that rigid people are often shattered by change.  Those who are too set in their ways or unable to adapt often never recover or take a very long time to do so.  Flexible people are those who are able to bend and move to fit the situation.  They can adjust their expectations more quickly and find a "new normal" an begin the process of becoming comfortable with the results of change.
  4. Think positively.  Often our minds immediately decide that the proposed change will have negative impact on our lives.  Instead of going immediately to what you may have lost because of the change, think about what might be gained.  For example:  You have a home you love with neighbors that you are close to and your husband has just been relocated by his company.  If you dwell on what you are "losing" you won’t be open to the potential blessings that you may just be "gaining."  The move is inevitable, but only you can choose whether you will be happy making it or not.  Even the worst events in life can ultimately become a blessing in the long run because of God’s unbelievable ability to bring good out of evil. 
  5. God is in control.  When our world changes we feel out of control.  If we realize that God isn’t surprised by the changes even if we are, it helps us to quiet our hearts and rest in the knowledge that He is in control and more importantly loves us passionately and desires the best for our lives.

When I came home from a relaxing weekend camping, I never expected that our dear Miss Stacey would be leaving THE DAISIE COMPANY because of health reasons.  I didn’t want her to go (as many of you have also indicated!) but I know it’s the right decision for her and her family.  I also know that when anyone who is as key to a company as Stacey is leaves, change is inevitable!  Preparing ourselves to be flexible and patient while those changes occur will help us to not only survive the changes, but come out on the other side of them with an excitement of what can be rather than a hopeless longing for what once was. 

UPDATE, THIS KIT IS NOW AVAILABLE JUST CLICK ON EITHER PICTURE AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE STORE.  On a lighter note, here’s a couple more previews of the kits coming out on Friday:Summer Clip Art, pool, beach, or lakeside fun

This Summer Fun kit has 56 pcs.  and is complete with lots of complimentary papers,  frames, borders, charms and art pieces.  Perfect for summer crafts, scrapbooking, and even for tweener type projects.  I hope you’ll enjoy playing with it!

The final preview for Summer Fun shows the flip flops with and without a decorative ornament (so they can be used for boy or girl layouts).  Each flip flop is entirely separate so you can control their placement.

Summer Fun 1 Beach, pool or lakeside clip art kit previewI’m looking forward to seeing what you create with this kit!  Please be sure to post in the general message board if you post a project to the DAISIE COMPANY gallery as I simply don’t have time to peruse the galleries very often and I don’t want to miss your creative "masterpiece!"

THE PROVERB FOR THE DAY:  Proverbs 27:1-2 "Don’t brashly announce what you’re going to do tomorrow; you don’t know the first thing about tomorrow.  Don’t call attention to yourself; let others do that for you."  The Message.

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

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More Summer Clip Art Coming Soon! First peek today, by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

I spent most of my day yesterday writing on my new book, which will be out in time for next year’s Mother’s Day.  I love writing (as those of you who read the insane volume of words I seem to produce here on a routine basis know!) but disciplined writing with a complete plan and step-by-step process just totally drains me.  My office is in the center of the house when Jacqui is home for the summer, so I can get a little cranky with the rest of my housemates !   The slightest noise disturbs me, so Jacqui loaned me her Ipod loaded with her Christian Contemporary music, great headphones and I was in my own world rocking out!

Preview of Summer Fun Clip Art KitSo, once I’d wrung every last little bit of writing energy out of myself, I turned to finishing up a new kit that I’ll be debutting soon.  It is "Summer Fun 1" and has a more poolside orientation than my Tropical Breeze collections though they will work wonderfully together. 

There are a bunch of really fun borders, pool toys, chairs, umbrellas, flip flops that are separate and plain so you can decorate them.  I’ve shown them with their "flower" top.

Well, back to the word processing for now, hope you enjoy the peek!

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

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Beach, Tropical Clip Art Paper Pack and Perfectly Peachy Paper Pack Previews by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

(UPDATE:  This product is now available in the DAISIE COMPANY STORE.  Just click on the picture and a window will pop up to take you to the product)

I absolutely LOVE this tropical paper pack, I am thinking of about a hundred design uses I want to explore with it.  The warm, vibrant pinks, oranges and greens would work well with the teen and younger set and my twenty-something daughters love it too. 

Tropical Clip Art Paper Pack Preview, green, orange, pinks.

There are fourteen backgrounds in the pack, all of which coordinate very well together.  There will be at least two more paper packs for this set, one will be in natural tans and sandy tones and another in blues and purples.

Perfectly Peachy Paper Pack has some very fun papers that could be used for wedding, anniversary, little girls, and everyday scrapping or craft uses. 

Perfectly Peach Paper Pack PreviewThere are embroiderec dot swirls, scattered rose paterns, a tone on tone scatter rose pattern, distressed and aged patterns as well as some contemporary sketched swirl patterns.  A perfect mix of traditional roses made new with a contemporary flair.  I can’t wait to see what you will do with them!

These paper packs will be available on Friday in the DAISIE COMPANY store. 

THE PROVERB FOR THE DAY, PROVERBS 12:14-16 (from The Message)  "Well-spoken words bring satisfaction; well-done work has its own reward.  Fools are headstrong and do what they like, wise people take advice.  Fools have short fuses and explode all too quickly., the prudent quietly shrug off insults."

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Summer Clip Art From the Tropics! Beaches, Palm Trees, Beach Chairs… Makes me Want to Play!!! by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

(UPDATE:  This product is now available in THE DAISIE COMPANY STORE.  Just click on either picture and it will take you to the product.)  Okay, today is sneak, sneak peek day!  Here’s one of my sets that will be in the store on Friday, the other is "Perfectly Peachy 2."

Tropical Breeze 1 clip art kit, beaches, palm trees, beach chairs and more

This art isn’t just for scrapbooking tropical vacations or cruises!  It is extremely versatile and can be used for any summer craft purpose.  There are beach chairs, beach umbrellas, palm trees, water-inspired backgrounds, and so much more that could be used to create party invitations, greeting cards, party table decorations… you supply the imagination and I have supplied the art that can bring it to life!

My daughters’ bathroom is in a tropical feel and I’m going to surprise her by creating some iron on patches that I’ll stitch to her guest towels, perhaps with a "Welcome" sign in tiki lettering.  I’m going to have some fun playing with this, with my girls in mind (shhhh… don’t tell them!)  I’m probably safe, I can’t get my kids to read "Mom’s blog" very often anyway!

There are seven assorted backgrounds in this kit and I have created a ton more of them that will be released as coordinating paper packs.  The tiki lettering kit isn’t finished yet, but will be out soon to allow you to write any message you want in bamboo, large sized letters.  In addition, there will be a pre-assembled title page that will be geared towards vacations and cruises.

bamboo, frames, tropical beach clip art previews

My daughters are especially loving these kits (they’re 20 somethings!) and having been born and raised in San Diego, love anything related to the beach! 

I’ve created some quick page duos that will be coming out next week and I’ll preview them in the next day or so.  Even if you don’t buy the quick pages, they can be very helpful to show you how you might combine some of the elements in your own projects and I never mind you "borrowing" some inspiration!  Have fun, summer is only 9 days away!!!!

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

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Free Baby Clip Art Gift By Audrey Jeanne Roberts

My new Baby clip art kit that became available today is shown in the post below this one.  This Freebie tag was created to go with it and is a thank you gift to those of you that had purchased "Baby Love 1" when it contained 3 or 4 pieces of art that had some minor flaws in them.  I apologize that you had to wait for the download.  The rest of you get to piggyback on their misfortune and enjoy a free gift from me.

 free clip art baby scrapbooking tagTo download your free clip art, simply click on the image and a new window will pop up and take you to the download.  The freebie is subject to the DAISIE COMPANY ANGEL POLICY, also known as the terms of use.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and put it to good use!  By the way (before the questions start coming!) yes… the paper used in the background of this tag will be coming out (in 3 color versions!).  When?  Soon is all I can say.  I have another paper pack that I need to get to Stacey, so keep watching !

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Featured Giftware Manufacturer, Brownlow Gifts “Tiki Tropical” by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

I wanted to let you guys know about a wonderful giftware company that I have had the privilege of working with on a pretty frequent basis.  This is a family owned and operated giftware manufacturer.  The son and grandsons of the founder Leroy Brownlow are now operating the company together!  They are wonderfully creative and also wonderful people to work with.

Tiki tropical gourmet fruit dessert collection by brownlow giftsThis is my most recent product grouping with them and it is a gourmet tea and dessert line based on tropical fruits and is perfect for summer entertaining or for using as goodies to create gift baskets with.  Their gourmet food line would be perfect for many of you that do paint can gift baskets etc.

All of the art used in creating this display is from my Tiki Island Gourmet set, which just might be coming to DAISIE COMPANY soon (hint, hint, wink, wink!)

If you are interested in purchasing any of their wonderful products or even just looking around at all the delightful goodies, just click on the picture and it is a link that will take you to their site.  They have an online retailer linked to their site so you can make retail purchases there or find a local giftware store that carries their products for local shopping.

Coming soon with Brownlow is a series of 4 delightful flip stand recipe books with a 5th that I will be creating for them soon.  Keep checking back for more goodies and have fun looking!

Audrey Jeanne Roberts 

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Clip Art Baby Love 1 by Audrey Jeanne Roberts, Temporarily Out of Store

Stacey discovered that some of the pieces in the Baby Love kit weren't fully cleaned (straggling annoying little pixels outside of the image area) so she's pulled it from the store until I get home and clean up the pieces.  If you've bought it already there will be a redownload next week, Stacey will alert you to it.  My apologies for the inconvenience to all. 

baby clip art, bib, bottle, pacifier, poem, christening dress, stuffed animals

Baby Love 2 is available as of this morning and Stacey graciously took care of a couple of pieces that were in need of cleaning in it so that she could get it in the store, my grateful thanks to her for her service above and beyond the call (especially since I'm in Arizona and can't get to the computer!)  You can see and purchase all of the new Baby Love products including the premade scrapbook pages, Quick Page Duos 3 & 4 at .

This art was created after the time that I had learned some techniques for cleaning art and I made the mistake of "assuming" that it was, because it should have been.  OOOOOPS!  Thanks for your understanding! 

There are two sets of two page premade scrapbook baby pages to coordinate.  If you click on the picture, it will take you to the store at DAISIE COMPANY where this product and many other wonderful ones are located.


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Audrey Jeanne’s Expressions, Framed Print Sentiment Line by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

I was wonderfing why I was having a sudden surge in google searches about our framed print line, "Audrey Jeanne’s Expressions" and I realized it’s Wedding season!  Our framed print line specializes in items for Wedding, Anniversary, Family, Mother, Grandparents, Baby, Children and other framed sentiment relationships and occasions. 

Because we don’t have a web site set up, it can be a little difficult to track us down.  So I’m going to post a little bit of information here on my blog and the contact information for our sales office so anyone searching through google or other search engines will be able to locate us more easily.  We’re in the process of starting on our web site, but I make no promises as to when we’ll get it all done!

Frame print line

I started my career as a calligrapher and poet.  Only after years of trying to make the art prettier and more colorful did I teach myself to watercolor and begin doing the art and illustrations that you’re so familiar with today.  Our framed print line as shown on the left are framed, double matted, gold leaf accented prints of my original poetry (in many cases) that has been attractively calligraphied and highlighted with watercolor art.

Our most popular pieces are "To Build a Lasting Love," "Lord, Help me to Build a Healthy Child," "Walk With me, Daddy," (also Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa) "1 Corinthians 13" and then there’s about 300 other pieces.  The framed prints retail between $29.95 and $47.95 in the three sizes shown.  They are also available matted only if desired.

You can reach our sales office at 800-662-3333 M-F Pacific Time.  You can also reach the sales office via email at steveataje (at sign)  Remove the spaces and insert @ sign to contact Steve Roberts.  There are programs that harvest email addresses off of blog pages and heavily spam which is why the information is presented this way. 

All of these items can be personalized with names and dates and YES we do custom design work with your own quote.

Hope this helps those that are looking! 

Audrey Jeanne Roberts

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