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A Special Friend Stopped By Today…

Phyllis Dobbs, who is a wonderful artist specializing in designing fabrics as well as many other products, stopped by my blog at Daisie Company and noticed that it has been disabled so she emailed me.  (Which reminds me to mention to you guys that have found my blog here, please send a note to anyone you know has been a reader giving them the new link if you would please :-).)

Phyllis and I have known each other for about 5 or 6 years now and have so much fun together at the gift show in Atlanta when I get to go there.  She designs some incredibly whimsical art.  I snagged a picture from her blog to post here.  If you love finding out about quilting or other sewing projects, you’ll love to stop by her blog which is on my blogroll to the right.  Her regular website address is  Stop by and say “Hi!”

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