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We have discontinued manufacturing our own framed print line.  However, we have a new print/poster/frame store: Audrey Jeanne’s Prints @ Zazzle Over time, our goal is to have every print we’ve ever offered at Audrey Jeanne’s available as a flat print or poster there, you can use the prints with your own frames (you can find great ones at Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and other outlets) or you can use Zazzle’s framing service which is very competitive with custom frame shops.

If there is a particular piece you would like to order that isn’t there yet, just email us and we’ll get it up for you.

We will continue to offer the items we have over the years, but in mattes only (after the frames we have are gone).  The best way to place an order is to start by emailing Steve Roberts at  From that contact he’ll give you a call to complete the order.




13 thoughts on “Audrey Jeanne’s Expressions Framed Prints”

  1. My mother-in-law has a picture that is titled Our Blended Family. Your information was on the back. I wanted to see if you still have them and if you could send me a copy and let me know how much it costs. This is what was on the back of the picture.

    Audrey Jeanne’s Expressions
    Words of Life’s Treasured Moments
    Our Blended Family
    SPCN 5061425057

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Audrey and Steve,
    In the past I have purchased from you directly a print which I give as baby shower or baby birth gifts. I originally purchased them in a shop in Cape May which is no longer in existence. And you were able to supply me with two or three prints directly. I have kept your name over the years and hope you still have this particular print availabe.
    My son now has children and I would love to be able to give him a copy of the print “Lord, Help me to build a Healthy Child”.
    Please contact me and let me know of the possibility of buying two prints. Thank you.
    Mary Jane McDermott –

  3. I’m sending your note on to Steve and he’ll get back to you by next week, I loved that shop and really enjoyed the artist signings we did up and down the Jersey Coast. It was beautiful and the people were very lovely! Audrey Jeanne

  4. Audrey,
    I have been searching for your print, “Lord, Help Me To Build A Healthy Child” for yrs!! I first saw it in the Doorposts Christian catalog, that is no longer in business. By the time I had the money saved up for it, it was sold out! Would you still have a print to sell? We have 11 beautiful children, so it is especially meaningful to me!!
    Thank you!!

  5. I have been searching for your print, “Lord, Help Me To Build A Healthy Child” for yrs!! I purchased a copy in Durango, Colorado 16 years ago, and would love to get 5 more copies – three for nieces who have recently had or are expecting their first child, and two for my own children who are now almost grown. I hope you can help me. I will be forever grateful. <3

  6. Dear Deanne;
    Unfortunately, we no longer have our framed print business and the frames or equipment to manufacture them. However, I have developed a poster for sale that can be framed or if you are a handy DIY crafter, could be mounted on a board to make a lovely presentation. I put up a post with the links, and am including that link here:

    Thank you for your very sweet and encouraging words about this piece. It is truly my favorite of all that I have written – and as my children are now grown, I’m so glad the Lord led me to praent as much as possible like the values contained in it. Our children are walking with the Lord and are our dearest friends <3

  7. Hi Audrey Jeanne,

    We just found a Wedding print from 1989 #419-With this ring I Thee Wed….We would like to get it personalized. Do you still do this service?

  8. Sorry for the delay in answering – I don’t check this site often enough *she blushes profusely!*

    Yes we do. Mail the certificate it came with to: Audrey Jeanne’s Expressions, 33029 Antelope Lane, Squaw Valley, Ca 93675 If you don’t have the certificate, email my husband Steve at steveataje (at sign) earthlink (dot) net.

  9. I am very interested in purchasing the “Walk with me mommy print as a gift for a new mom. I’ve purchased this twice before from you. Is it still available? Please reply.

  10. Wondering if you still make the colorful, calligrapgy, Love is Patient” frameable and personalized art work. We have one frim 12 years ago. Simply beautiful with personalized piece below the poem.

  11. Linda, my apologies for missing your question/comment, I must confess it has been a very long time since I’ve been back to my own blog and I do not get any alerts for messages from it. We closed down the framed print side of the business over 10 years ago so I am not able to make the matted and framed versions any longer but I do have this uploaded to my Zazzle store online as a poster print. We scanned our double beveled mattes and the artwork and it can be personalized online using the template fields. Here is the link: You can also reach me more effectively on my Facebook business page at: Again, I’m so sorry to have missed your comment, Audrey

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