For Your Sweetest Chocolate Recipes!

A custom designed, chocolate brown binder with chocolate art scattered across it.  The text reads: “God sends no stress that prayer and chocolate can not handle!”  On a personal note, I love the chocolate brown cover to hide “less than tidy” fingerprints as I am one MESSY cook! You can customize the cover with a name, title or any message you would like to add — which makes it a fabulous option for a wedding gift for a new bride.  LINK TO RECIPE BINDER IN STORE

This binder is available in 1-2″ sizes depending on which you would need to contain all your sweetest dessert recipes.  If you have already bought any of my chocolate digital clip art, you can easily create your own pages to go in this book and make a fabulous gift for a Mother, Grandmother, friend or a family recipe collection book.

For those not quite so digitally inclined, I’ve created 3 separate page layouts to coordinate.  They are printed on 80 lb. letterhead quality paper and come 10 sheets to a pack.  You can mix and match the papers to create your own family heritage scrapbook recipe collection.  LINK TO RECIPE PAGES IN STORE.

You can also buy full page sheet protectors to put your recipes in and keep them clean and beautiful for a lifetime of use.  I love a full page size recipe format as it gives lots of room to type out the recipe.  If you create your page and type your recipe, you can print it as many times as you want to give to friends and family.  It’s a wonderful way to pass on the sweetest parts of your family heritage.

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Have Your own Blog or Face Book? Earn Referral Fees

Here’s my newest tee shirt designs.  I’ve always loved “Grandmother Brag Shirts” and put my sweet cupcakes and chocolate art to work for this “Grandma’s Sweeties” Design.  You can customize it to read “Nana’s Sweeties” or any other nickname you use for your Grandmother.  I currently have from 1-6 grandchildren (or children for Mothers) designed and can and will do it for any number of grandchildren you need.  There’s still time for Mother’s Day! LINK TO SHIRT IN STORE

I haven’t designed the sweatshirts yet, but if you want one before I have them up, just email me and I’ll put it to the head of the list.  Oh and by the way this shirt design is two sided on a lot of the shirts you can select.  On the back it reads “Our Grandma is the sweetest Grandmother in the world”  You can change that message any way you wish.

I also learned something this morning that I thought I would pass on to my readers.  Many of you have your own FaceBook pages, blogs, Squiddo Lenses, stores or websites.  If you would like to earn a 15% referral fee from Zazzle products, it’s extremely easy to do.  Here’s a link to the page that explains how you can do it:  LINK TO ZAZZLE REFERRAL PAGE As I understand it, all you need to do is be a member of Zazzle.  You don’t have to have your own store, but you certainly could if you produce art or photographs that could be used on their products.

If you like my work (or any other Zazzle artists’ work) all you have to do is post a link to that work on your blog, facebook etc. and if a purchase is made you’ll earn the referral fee.  The artists love the promotion, so you help your favorite “starving artist” LOL, and you help yourself in the process.  So, if you see something you like in my store, please, by all means feel free to link to it for your own purposes.  The links will be searched by major search engines and help drive viewers to your site helping you to gain more exposure even if you don’t see immediate sales results.  I know people that are earning a tidy income from their Squiddo Lenses using this program :-)!

Once you’re signed up and signed in, all you do is click on the product you like and below the image is some text that says “Link.”   From there select the option that works for your blog or website, (option 2 works for facebook).  Insert that link in your post and you’re done!  You could do a blog post picking your very favorite Mother’s Day gifts or Wedding Invitations — giving your good material to post with and potential income as well.

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Remembering My Sock Monkey!


Those memories are still with me like they were yesterday and they are inspiring a brand new art collection “Retro Sock Monkey” which will have a lot of fun surprises to it.  Here is the very first pieces of the art put together into a Baby Shower Invitation and a Baby Birth Announcement.

When I was a little girl, one of my family members made me a classic Sock Monkey that I loved virtually to death!  If I went somewhere so did that monkey.  I’m sure my Mom loved that she could throw him in the laundry and he came out as good as new.  I was such a tomboy and drug him through the mud, and even played with him in the sand box with my Tonka toys.  I had a dump truck and a crane that he rode in quite frequently.

On the reverse side of the birth announcement is a photo opening to put your baby’s picture in as well as customizing the information on the front.


I have so many ideas that it’s making this collection one of the most fun I’ve done in many years.  I’m not sure that I’ll get it together in time for The Surtex Show, but it will be available soon to review at my agent’s website

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Death by Chocolate Birthday Party Theme

Zazzle, Birthday Party Post CardI had the funniest thing happen today!  When you create postage for sale on Zazzle, it has to be approved by the US Post Office and meet their standards.  Well… I got a little notice this morning that they were pulling my product.  What product would that be?  “Death by Chocolate Party” postage, LOL!  It set me off in gales of laughter thinking of the tee shirts I could do “Chocolate torture — where can I go to volunteer?” and about a dozen other quips.

The postage shown here won a “Today’s Best Award” on .   It’s really fun to have matching postage for wedding, baby shower and other events.  My daughter is really upset with me that I didn’t know about this before her wedding.  It would have been so fun to design her own unique wedding invitations.   Oh well… Grandma can  always do BABY invitations, LOL!

Postcards are a very inexpensive way to do custom party invites and I am in the process of creating Cupcake Wrappers and Candy bar wrappers to go with them so having an “instant party” will be inexpensive and easy!

By the way, I’m also working on a blue/brown and lavendar/brown combination on these invitations as well.  They’ll be a bit before they hit the store.


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Oh MY! Mother’s Day is Around the Corner!!

Have you thought of Mother’s Day gifts yet?  Neither have I, except to design them 🙂  I thought I would share a few ideas if you don’t want to run to the store and spend hours looking.  I am designing several coffee mugs both with and without specific Mother messages, this same design will have the text “World’s Greatest Mom” and will be uploaded some time today.  LINK TO COFFEE MUGS,


Do you want to send a real card but hate to have to run to the store?  Zazzle allows you to pick, customize your message and send your greeting cards all for the same price you would spend at the store!  Pretty amazing and convenient as well.  This card is full color and fully designed inside and out.


Tote bags are also available, I have two coffee themed and this first Mother’s theme.  LINK TO A MOTHER’S LOVE TOTE BAG

If you prefer to make your own cards, my digital clip art is available here in the blog store and at WWW.AIMEEASHER.COM STORE LINK What ever you do this Mother’s Day, make sure you convey all the love, honor and thanks that you have in your heart for your Mother!

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Tropical Orchid Wedding Invitations


This design is available in lilac (shown), aqua, blue, tan and green.  It is a two-sided style with a customizable monogram.  The sizes offered are 5.25″ square, 4″ x 9.5″, and 5″ x 7″.  There is a watermark on these images that is not present in the finished product.

These invitations can be printed and on their way to you in just about 24 hours with a 100% money back guarantee.  So if you have a last minute need for invitations, this is a great source to meet them.

There are more Tropical Wedding Invitations in the works, check back frequently to see them as they are posted.

If you are mixing colors in your wedding and would like to mix fronts and backs, some customization is available, just message me here or on the store site.


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On Create & Craft TV in Europe, New Paper Crafting Kit debuts

New from Design Objectives, digital scrapbooking collection "Jade Treasures"

One of 80 papers in the collectionOn May 4th, 2010, the European Create & Craft TV show will be featuring a brand new collection of art for paper crafting called, “Jade Treasures.”  It will be their “Pick of the Day” set.  You can view the show May 4th, 2010 on this link:

I will be trying to find out information as to whether this product can ship to the US and how much if it can.  I’ve been told there shouldn’t be any reason that it can’t ship here, but do not know what the costs might be.

This is a HUGE paper crafting product set.  There are wonderful papers in two different sizes, frames, icons, tags and literally anything you can think of that will make card making and scrap booking fun and easy.  I have yet to see exactly what is in the kit, but will let you know as soon as I do!  There will eventually be a 2 disk digital scrapbooking set released as well.

Design Objectives is the largest manufacturer of scrapbooking and card making products in the United Kingdom.  The new products are not yet up on their website: but will be soon.

I used this artwork to scrapbook my daughter’s wedding in September.  You can also see a range of Wedding Invitation products created from this art collection for those of you in the US.  LINK TO WEDDING INVITATION and LINK to AQUA/BLUE WEDDING INVITATION SELECTIONS (the “Fleur di Lys Damask” items shown on these pages are not from the “Jade Treasures” collection).

The partnership with Design Objectives is a growing one.  They are a FABULOUSLY creative company with amazing resources and ideas.  They are great fun to work with.  We have a Christmas collection of products releasing soon and look for more as they are developed.  I’ll keep you posted.

If there are any stores that carry their products on line and will carry my line, please let me know and I’ll be happy to make referrals to you!

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Two Sided Wedding Invitations

This art work is brand new and the collection is called “Fleur di Lys Damask.”  I am developing a complete Wedding Invitation Line out of this collection.  This invitation design is a 5.5″ square that is two-sided.

A full range of coordinating products are offered including: Save the Date Announcements, Wedding Postage, Save the Date Magnets, Stickers, Seals, a Wedding Planner Binder, Stationery and note cards.

$12.00 for 10 Invitations including a white envelope.


The beauty of the Zazzle Product set up is that you can add, change and/or delete any of the text and customize it for your own occasion.

The full collection will be available for viewing at The Surtex Show.

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What is Zazzle?

Print Your Own Birth Announcements!

I have had a couple of questions about Zazzle, so I thought I would explain it.  Zazzle is a print on demand service that allows an image to be placed on a wide variety of products.  They usually ship orders in 24 hours and virtually all items can be personalized or customized so there is tremendous freedom to make the perfect gift, announcement or invitation at a very reasonable cost.

This morning I designed a baby boy and baby girl photo birth announcement.  This birth announcement has a place for your own baby’s photo, weight, length, date and time and is 8″ x 4″  and all of this is only $1.10 per card!

LINK TO ZAZZLE STORE In the left column of my blog is a flash slide show of my Zazzle products.  It’s pretty small in order to fit the column constraints, but if you place your cursor at the right corner it’s a link to the store.

Now, all I need is a new grandchild to announce, LOL!

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More New Wedding Invitations Designed from Original Water Color Art

ZAZZLE store Wedding Invitations

I have been a busy bee on this beautiful spring day!  I have created three more wedding collections in my Zazzle store.

Now that I have somewhat figured out how to do this, it’s much quicker to do and I’m having a great time at it.

By the way, each design is offered in several sizes and layouts, RSVP cards, Thank You notes, Wedding Invitation Seals, Matching postage (custom designed US Postage stamps) and other coordinating products.

Today will be my last day for a while to create new designs as tomorrow I will turn my attention to the display images for the MHS Licensing booth for the Surtex show.  All of the designs that I am creating will also be available for licensing by any stationery manufacturer.  Should they be licensed I will simply pull them from my store.


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My Zazzle Store is Filling Up

I’ve had a little extra time to work on some projects of my own before hitting the final stretch run to The Surtex Show.  One of those projects is working on a line of Wedding Invitations and Stationery that will be going up at Zazzle.  The first of the designs made it into the store today.  With a wedding last September and another one in May, my head has been buried  in LOTS of Wedding magazines and looking at the types of invitations that are being offered. It has really inspired me!

These two are made out of my brand new art “Le Chocolatier,” that is about 90% completed.  I have a couple more sinfully Chocolate desserts to paint yet.  It’s possible, the inspiration alone has put five pounds on me, LOL!

Here is THE LINK TO MY ZAZZLE STORE. An invitation., professionally printed including an envelope is only $1.30- $1.80 depending on the size.   Boy, I wish this kind of service had been available 15 years ago when my beloved and I tied the knot.

By the way, anybody that knows WordPress and Zazzle, if you can give me any pointers in installing the Zazzle slide show without it taking over my whole blog I’d be VERY appreciative!!!

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New Digital Clip Art Kit “Chocolate Love 1”

This kit is now available.  Normally it would be in my blog store here at the site, but so far it isn’t loading correctly so I’m posting a link to Aimee Asher’s store: LINK TO CHOCOLATE LOVE


This is a BRAND NEW kit from Audrey Jeanne Roberts. Nothing tastes quite as sweet as sinful desserts! This sweet kit has a beautiful variety of non-caloric goodies as well as beautiful papers, original Chocolate sayings by Audrey Jeanne Roberts and lots of other items. Use this kit to create your own gifts from the kitchen with the included recipe cards, tags and other gift packaging items by using the matching title frames and word art.

This kit contains 23 pcs, including 5 papers, 1 intricate borders, 10 recipe cards (5 designs with and without lines), 3 text art pieces, 2 tags, 1 transparent swirl overlay and 2 additional art pieces complete the set.

All files are 300 dpi jpeg or png files. Images are copyright Audrey Jeanne Roberts, 2010. Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake.

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