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I update quite frequently on my Fan Page on Facebook.  It is “Audrey Jeanne’s Expressions, Audrey Jeanne Roberts.”  I’m utilizing this page to keep my closest fans/friends updated on my newest art work and products.  I have links to some of my manufacturer’s products there so that you can see if there’s anything you can’t live without 🙂

If you would like to be informed as to what I’m doing and when I offer little gifts, please sign up to be one of my fans.  You do have to be a member of Facebook to sign up.  If you are, simply click on the link near the top that says “become a fan.”   When you go to the page today, there’s something fun waiting for you.  HERE’S THE LINK TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE

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On the Road to Surtex

UPDATE:  I have added an new Etsy store where I will be selling my fine art prints.  These prints are now available there at LINK TO ETSY STORE

I am busy, busy, BUSY prepapring for Surtex, The Surface and Textiles Show in New York City.  It will be held in the middle of May. I spent this week painting 3 new roosters to round out my new “Cubalaya Rooster” Collection.  This was a very enjoyable project.  It brought back memories of my childhood summers spent at my Uncle Bill’s and Aunt Glenna’s rural home.  We had to feed the chickens each day and gather their eggs every morning.  Watching their antics was much better than sitting in front of a tv for this city girl!

Inspired by the reds and yellows of my Aunt Glenna’s 50’s era kitchen, I’m working to blend the best of the old with a fresh and new look.  I’ll be developing these into kitchen product layouts and framed print designs.

I have created quite a few new collections.  They will be unveiled at the show, in the MHS Licensing Booth.  However, over the next 8 weeks, I’m going to give an early peek at a couple of the collections.  So keep an eye on my blog for them.

Anyone interested in licensing any of these images can contact MHS prior to the show at 1-952-544-1377, or call them to make an appointment at the show.  Their schedule fills up very quickly for show appointments.  You can also see my portfolio online at their website (however, the new collections are not yet up on the site).

By the way, if you are interested in following me on twitter, my account is @audreyjeanne.  I try to announce licensing deals when it is appropriate, sales of products when I hear about them and any new developments as they occur.

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