I’m Home!

Spring Quilt Market was an excellent show and a great experience.  I hung around Studio E’s booth as much as possible while still walking the show to see what else is going on.  I wanted to watch how the quilt stores made their decisions, how the sales reps presented lines and be able to ask questions and listen to those who are on the front lines — the store owners.

It was a very valuable experience.  I was so blessed that my “Deja Brew” collection is being so well received by the stores as was my “Chocolate Love” line this spring!  That’s what allows me to keep designing which is such fun.

I have to try to figure out how to retrieve the photos from my daughter’s digital camera.  I’m going to post this without photos and add them when I can if I can.

I had a wonderful time with Cheryl, who traveled over 6 hours to come to Pittsburgh and stay with me.  She was so kind and funny and helpful.  It’s especially fun to put a face and voice to a name when you’ve only known each other through the internet.

Life SHOULD settle down a little in the next few weeks so hopefully I can catch up on loading some kits and maybe even creating some new art!  I’m going to have a new cupcake art kit soon so I’ll get to work on finishing it first.

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Spring Quilt Market Here I Come!

I’m packed and headed out the door.  Hopefully I have everything with my, if not I’ll survive, LOL!  I am very much looking forward to seeing the big wide world of quilting and seeing the “Deja’ Brew” Quilt fabric line alive and in person for the first time.  Also it will be fun seeing what pretties they made up out of it for displays.

Cheryl Briggs is going to be keeping me company so that will be really a joy.  The contest will happen when I get home since I won’t be able to connect up reliably.  I am taking my daughter’s laptop but don’t always connect well on the road.  My site was malfunctioning this morning on orders so if there are any problems I’ll attend to them as soon as I get home.

Blessings and I’ll talk to you guys on Monday.

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I’ll be back soon… I hope!!!!

If I don’t collapse first, LOL!  The finish line is near, Surtex starts a week from Sunday and this last week I am working to develop as many new collections as I possibly can for the shows.  It’s been a great and productive season, but I am so ready to get back to “normal” and start writing again, and maybe even playing a little again.  What a concept!

Thanks to all that have sent sweet notes of encouragement and prayers for me.  It’s hard to work 12-15 hours every day, this old body doesn’t do it as well as it used to… but God’s grace is always there for me!

A week from today I will be heading to the Quilt Show in Pittsburgh and I’m so looking forward to the experience.  My fabric company, “Studio E Fabrics” is so delightful to work with.  I really enjoy them and the process.  They’re taking great care of me and I’m going to get the opportunity to meet so many of the quilt shop owners, I’m REALLY excited about that.   I love to pick their brains and learn from their experience.

So keep bearing with me, I’ll be back to normal soon 🙂

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