Tropical Gift Bags, Purses, Candy Wrappers, & Paint Can Digital Crafting Sets

Tropical party, wedding party favors, gift boxes, candy wrapper

Tropical paint can, gallon can, quart can, altered paint cans, candy wrappers, digital clip art kits

Tropical gift bag, party purse, gift cards, envelope and gift tagsCLICK HERE FOR PARTY BOXES ‘N FAVORS KIT STORE LINK Abigail Scott DESIGN Studios utilized Audrey Jeanne’s Tropical Clip Art kits to make these fun and useful Crafting Kits.  They will be on sale for 20% off from now through the month of August for your Summer party and special events use.

CLICK HERE FOR CAN & CANDY KIT STORE LINK These three kits made up the June/July Candy Club selection at The Daisie Company, so check your records before purchasing to avoid duplication!  However, now they are broken up into three separate kits so if you are only interested in Altered Paint Can kits, or candy wrappers or gift bags, you can purchase only the kit that you will use.

CLICK HERE FOR GIFT BAG N TAG KIT STORE LINK These kits were created with Weddings in mind.  A tropical theme for Summer weddings is a common one and these kits could create an entire Wedding Decor theme.  The Toblerone box can be turned into a place card by adding the name of the individual attending.  Use the matching clip art kits to create anything else that you might need to make the Wedding truly a unique and special affair!

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY:Col 3:7-14  You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived.  But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.  Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices  and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.  Here there is no Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.  And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.  NIV

COMMENTS:  Each culture has its ways of teaching that often vary.  In the Hebrew culture (see the Proverbs) contrasting good and evil, foolishness and wisdom was how values were taught.  They showed the negative very clearly and revealed the Godly truth equally clearly.  In our culture we decline to state that things are clearly right and wrong, and I believe it leads to a lot of our cultural confusion and powerlessness.

No one will achieve the peaceful, joyful Christian life who does not first learn what God considers wrong (evil) and right (good).  He knows what will work in our lives and what will lead to destruction.  There is nothing He forbids us from doing that will ultimately bring good long-term results in our lives.  He really isn’t a “meanie!”  I encourage you to study His guidelines and choose to remain within them, your life will be soooooooo much better and more peaceful if you do!

I also love the imagery of this section of Colossians,  Paul uses the visual image of clothing.  We put on and take off our clothing and we do the same with our actions.  This implies an act of our will is involved.  We have to choose to change and then in Christ we will have the power to put off anger, rage, malice, slander and filthy language.  In the same way we can “put on” compassion, kindness and patience!  But it’s important to remember that we can do nothing apart from Christ.

PRAYER:  Lord, help me to change my wardrobe!  Help me to put off the old nature and take off the old habits that are so destructive to my life.  Help me also to decide each day to “put on” the good character qualities that you desire me to walk in.  Help me to be as excited at this wardrobe change as I might be to shop for a new shirt or dress.

I know that I am powerless to work lasting change in my life, but that through the power of the Holy Spirit living in me I can be conformed to the image of Christ and walk in His character traits and nature.  Please Holy Spirit come work in me to make the changes God and I so desire.  AMEN

First Month’s Drawing for a $5 Gift Certificate Will be Held August 1st.

There are now two ways you can win by stopping by my blog.  The first is our twice-monthly blog comments drawing and the second is a drawing that will be held every month from those who have made a purchase in the blog store!

I’m going to make each of those prizes a $5 gift certificate from now on.  This will allow the individual who wins the greatest freedom in what they select.

I can’t believe the store’s been up for almost a full month already!  You have made it such an amazing blessing and success so quickly.  Thanks to each of you!

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY: Ps 18:28-29  You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.  With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.  NIV

PRAYER:  Sometimes Lord, my days are so long and exhausting that I’m not sure how I will get through them.  In the days of the scripture, if you ran out of oil you wouldn’t be able to work any longer or see where you were going.  I love this verse’s promise that you will keep my lamp burning and you will help me tackle the challenges that are set before me.

Every wall that gets in my way can be gone over or around if I trust in, listen to and obey your word. Elsewhere your word says that your word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.  Shine your light like a powerful flashlight in front of me to show me the way you want me to go.  Give me victory in every area of my life Lord, that I might bring Glory and Honor to you.  AMEN

“Sweet Chocolate” Family Heritage Digital Recipe Cook Book Kit in the Store Today!

audrey jeanne roberts, abigail scott design studio, family heritage recipe scrapbooking kit for desserts

chocolate, digital clip art, desserts, recipe cards, cook book

family reunion cookbook, fund-raising cookbook, CLICK HERE FOR STORE LINK FOR FAMILY DESSERT RECIPE COOKBOOK KIT Abigail Scott DESIGN Studio has put Audrey Jeanne’s Art into a brand new Family Heritage Recipe cook book kit.  This kit is available for $12.97 and is HUGE!!!  It is on sale for two weeks only at 20% off.  This cookbook can be used as a simple recipe notebook or can be totally customized to create a Family Heritage Scrapbook Recipe Book… and it can all be done in as little as a single day of crafting!

These kits are so simple to customize that you can easily create a basic album with family pictures and a little history about the special people who’s recipes are featured.  Then you can print copies for yourself, your children or grandchildren and for every new bride that joins the family!  Each time you gather a new recipe you can easily add it to your album as it is stored in a loose-leaf binder.  Duplicating a cookbook and assembling it (once created) can be done in about an hour or less of crafting time.

This kit uses an easy to find view binder that is designed for 1/2 letter sized paper sheets.  It’s a great size for almost every recipe and no recipe is too long, just use as many pages as necessary for the recipe.  Each recipe page layout is included with and without lines.  Preserve your grandmother’s handwriting if she’s still around to hand write her recipe for you.  (Then you could scan it and print it for others later).

This is the first of what we hope will be many Family Heritage Scrapbooking Recipe Kits that we’ll offer here.  Please feel free to suggest your ideas of what you would like to see as the art and/or themes of future kits.

Chocoholics Beware!!! A Freebie Recipe Card

Free Recipe Card Chocolate cheescake, chocolate covered strawberries digital clip artCLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD LINK I just had to make up a recipe card out of this set, it’s so perfect for these uses.  So I decided to share it to celebrate my first kits being up at Aimee Asher Elite (at  I have around 20 kits up of 185 or so to get there, it’s going to be a long month!!!!

The art kit that was used to make this card is available here in my blog store as well as at where there’s also a lot of new and beautiful art from many of my friends.  I was asked where I would prefer someone purchase the kits — either place!  It’s all the same to me 🙂

Sweet Chocolate Desserts Digital Clip Art Kit

Sweet Chocolate Digital Clip Art Kit

Sweet Chocolate Digital Paper PackJust hit the store! CLICK HERE FOR STORE LINK, “SWEET CHOCOLATE” ART KIT his is some of the art that was used in creating the Brownlow Chocolate Desserts Recipe Book that came out last year.  I added a lot more goodies to complete the kit and I promise there isn’t a calorie in it!!!

CLICK HERE FOR STORE LINK, “SWEET CHOCOLATE PAPER PACK” Both of these kits will be on sale for 20% off for exactly one  week (through 7/30/08) and then will go to their normal prices.  This is BRAND NEW ART that hasn’t been offered for sale in digital format anywhere else.

I can totally picture all kinds of Dessert Recipe products being made out of this art and Abigail Scott DESIGN Studio will probably tackle a few of them, so look for them in the near future!   I think a Family Heritage Dessert Recipe Cook Book would be awesome.  Only one catch… I’m back on my diet program and that means no sugar or chocolate!  I might let my kids tackle this one, LOL!

How’s Your Crafting Going?

I’m getting ready to get my Christmas and seasonal art up on this site in the next week or so, which got me to thinking about what it was like for me when I was a crafter and worked like a mad woman half the year so I could be home with my children the other half of the year!

If you craft for Christmas either for yourself or for a small crafting business, you only have 166 days to go until Christmas and only 50 until Labor Day which is sort of the kick off of the Craft Show season!!!  Are you starting yet?  Is it hard to get motivated?  Are you really terrible at working until under the gun of an actual deadline?  Does that thought make your blood pressure rise?!

I really struggled with this when I did the Craft show circuit.  For years I exhibited with the Harvest Festival Shows in California.  These are BIG shows that cost a lot of money to exhibit in, so it was very important to have enough stock to make the expenditure worth while.  Also the shows were so exhausting that it was important that we not be pulling all-nighters once we got started.

However, being your typical artist and crafter I was really, really bad at not getting started until it was a crunch and the show season was looming.  But towards the end of my time doing the shows I began to work in a different manner.  It was so much more effective, restful and profitable that I could have just kicked myself that I didn’t discipline myself to do it earlier.

I took the time to go through my spread sheets of what had been sold the year before (if you know how to create a spread sheet this is very easy to do)  If you don’t know how, just use some graph paper and put your basic craft products on it going one direction and the shows you do or did going across the other.  Write the numbers in, total them up and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re going to need.

For my product line, a framed calligraphy sentiment line, it was especially easy as every piece required a mat, most also required a frame and the prints were interchangeable so if one didn’t sell, the frame and mat was easily changed out to another.  I didn’t order my frames, glass or backing boards until the last minute so that building inventory didn’t cost me much until the very end of the process.

For those of you that do food wrapping, for example, you could create your kits for very little and buy the food you assemble them with at the last minute or even week by week during your show season to manage your expenditures more effectively.

By calculating the total # of pieces that I sold during the show season it gave me a target number to create each month leading up to the show.  A goal of 500 mats to do each month sounds like (and is) much easier to do than a binge session of 3,000 mats to cut in the month prior to the show!

I found that the excitement of seeing my display bins filling up, stimulated my creativity in coming up with new products for the next season while there was still time to create them.  The WORST THING IN THE WORLD was thinking up a great new idea that would have sold gangbusters AFTER the show season got started because I never had enough time to do it and I kicked myself all season long!

If you have room to assemble your show display and leave it up, stocking your bins, shelves or other display areas as you go, it is a constant visual reminder that the season will be here before you know it!  You can create fresh new signs, and make your booth beautiful as you’re creating your new product.

If any of you are crafters and have some ideas to share with your fellow crafters, please post them as comments here so we all can learn!

I am very committed to the crafting community.  Crafting allowed me to be a  Stay-at-home-mom with my two daughters and now that they are grown, I’m so glad that I did stay with them.  It made a world of difference in their lives and my own.  My digital art Terms of Use allow a single crafter, with no employees and no mass production machinery to use the art to create their own gifts to sell.  You may make up to 200 crafts to sell in a year with a kit.  If you desire to make more, we will usually grant extensions to that license for a small fee.  A lot of artists won’t allow these terms — I do for one basic reason.  It really matters to me that moms have a way to stay home with their children or grandchildren if they want to and I love that my art is often used to help accomplish this purpose.

So what are you doing hanging around here?  Go get crafting!  If you want to be held “accountable” to your goals, just post a comment and we’ll all try to encourage you along towards accomplishing them!

A Refreshing Summer Freebie and a SALE TOO!

Audrey Jeanne Roberts, summer fun recipe card and party invitation freebie

LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED, FREEBIES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ONE WEEK.  I first offered this freebie last summer, so you might already have it, but for those who are new since then it contains a two-sided blank summer art recipe card , a post card, a gift tag and two versions of a party invite!

If you’re having a pool party, summer get together, kids sleep over or any fun family event, I hope you’ll find this helpful in planning the affair.  This set coordinates with the other two Summer Fun series kits.  It will only be available for one week so get it while it’s hot!

Summer Fun SALE!!! New Summer Digital Clip Art Kits in Store

Summer fun digital clip art kit, audrey jeanne roberts, beach and pool art

audrey jeanne roberts, summer fun scrapbook instant pages

audrey jeanne roberts, summer on the porch digital clip art kitSUMMER FUN STORE LINK HERE Not only am I feverishly working to load all my summer kits, I’m putting them on sale at 20% off until July 31 as well!  This refreshing summer kit shows a totally different side of my artistic/design personality.  These kits are great for scrapbooking, crafting and to create pool or beach party decorations and invites.

INSTANT SCRAPBOOK PAGES STORE LINK HERE  If you don’t scrapbook, you can still use instant scrapbook pages — how you ask?!  Think out of the box.  An instant page can be reduced to 5 or 6″ and turned into a card cover.  Just add a background paper behind the page, add your text in the boxes and you have a card.  Take pics of your kids playing and send a card to grandma & grandpa!  Create an invitation to a pool or beach party.  Change your paper size to 8″ x 10″, add a background paper and pics and send them to a photo lab to be printed out and framed.

SUMMER ON THE PORCH STORE LINK HERE. This kit was first released in August of last year as a Daisie Company Club selection.  So if you bought that club you already own it, be careful to check your records!   I really enjoy everything about summer on a porch or deck, so I hope you can feel that delight coming through in each piece of art created for this set.  From the ice cold iced tea to the beautiful topiaries and birds, a summer spent on a porch is a summer to remember and treasure.

Abigail’s Party Purse Gift Set “Iris Elegance”

Abigail Scott DESIGN Studio, party purse stationery set, audrey jeanne roberts, iris, irises

Iris stationery gift bag, party purse, gift tag, greeting card, digital crafting kitLINK TO STORE ITEM HERE.  Has been added to the store.  This has been created with Audrey Jeanne’s “Iris Elegance” art kit, Abigail Scott DESIGN Studio has created a fun and elegant gift purse set that is perfect to use for bridal showers or other party occasions.  The purses are in two sizes.  Because of the slanted sides the measurements are an average size.  The larger purse is 5 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ x 4″ and the smaller purse is 3 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 2 5/8.”  Use the smaller purse with a tag tied on it for a place card, marking seating arrangements.  Fill the purses with goodies such as Hershey’s Nuggets or Mini bars covered with the art provided.
There is a layered, dimensional 4″ x 6″ greeeting card and matching envelope that is included and could even be used as an invitation.  In addition there are two background papers to use inside of your gift purses.  Simply print on the reverse side before cutting out.  The kit also makes four different tags and a mini gift card with layers.
The font used in this kit is Audrey Jeanne’s Swash Italic. All files are 300 dpi jpeg files. Images are copyright Audrey Jeanne Roberts. Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake.

Iris Elegance Kits are Here

ARE AVAILABLE HERE The Iris Elegance sets are pretty new and because I love Iris blossoms so much, they are some of my favorites.  My property has fields of Iris that bloom in the spring in many shades of pinks and purples.  I keep planning to go to an Iris festival that is held about an hour away from me in Porterville, CA in the spring.

I want to start buying the reblooming Iris so that I can enjoy them in the spring and late summer/early fall as well then they really will be perfect!  I’ll post this kit right now and edit this post when I get the Abigail Scott DESIGN Studio kit made with this set added in as well.

We are Moving to a New Store

Many of you have been customers at the DAISIE company web site.  I so enjoyed my time with all of you there, and quite frankly never planned to leave.  Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that our contract with Daisie has been severed and our products have been removed from their location.

In the near future, you will be able to find them again at  It will take a considerable amount of time to reformat and upload over 180 kits, so if there are one or two you desperately need, feel free to contact me and we’ll work to put those at the head of the list.

I will also have some of my kits here at my store as well, but future plans here include offering different things than will be at Aimee Asher, so stay tuned!

The Blog Contest Winner is…

The seventh post on THIS DAY’S BLOG POST (link here)

Congratulations to the winner!  Hmmmm…. she has so many of my sets that she might have to wait until the next new one comes out to claim her prize :-)!

If you don’t know, I have a blog contest drawing twice a month and all you have to do to enter is post a comment on any day from the 1st – 15th, or the 16th – 31st and you have entered the contest.  A number for the day of the post then is drawn at random and a number for the comment and that individual wins one of my kits for free.  The kit given away varies each time and if you already own that kit I will always substitute it for another.

Also, this is a great time to remind you all that I have a new contest each month that will be drawn from everyone that purchases an item in my store.  It will be drawn on or around the first of the month from the previous month’s sales.  You don’t have to do anything special to enter.

Audrey Jeanne’s Cross Stitch Kits Now Available

Audrey Jeanne Roberts, cross stitch kit Gerbera Daisy Polka DotFor those of you that like to cross stitch, Jodi at the Golden Hoop is licensing my art to create some very nice cross stitching kits.  On HER BLOG TODAY (LINK HERE) She features the first two, “Old World Poppy” and “Polka Dot Gerbera Daisy.”

You can PURCHASE THE KITS HERE.    In my younger, and much less busy years, I loved to cross stitch.  That was when I could see aida cloth 22 without reading glasses!  It is such a soothing hobby and the results are so sweet and beautiful.  If you’ve never given it a try, you might just fall in love with the hobby.

Audrey Jeanne Roberts, Old World Poppy, cross stitch kitIts a great skill to teach young children or grandchildren.  There isn’t a great deal of skill involved and it can give a child a tremendous sense of accomplishment to produce something that looks so beautiful and professional!  There will be many more kits to come and I’ll try to let you know when they are available!  Thank you, Jodi, for doing such a lovely job on these kits.

Tomorrow the FREEBIE KIT SHOWN HERE will no longer be available so get it while you can.  It will become a freebie inside of an altered paint can kit that will be out next week.  The kit will have candy bar wrappers and other goodies to use as a gift packaging set.

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY: Rom 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  NIV

PRAYER:  Lord it’s easy to trust in you and have hope when everything is going according to my desires or plan, but when the tiniest setback comes I can easily find myself right back to doubting.  That’s when I realize I’m probably trusting in the circumstances and not really trusting in you.

Help me to know more and more about you, so I can trust you more and have greater hope for my future.  When I know how great your mercies and and how much you love to show mercy, I can trust a little more that you will show mercy to ME!  When I understand that you fully know the future you have written for me, I can come to rest in the fact that no setback is a surprise to you.  I can also trust that you have planned a way forward whether I can see it or not.

Reveal yourself to me more that I can know you better and trust you more fully.  Give me a hope that is real because it is found in you!  AMEN

Antiqued Victorian Violets Gift Bag, Tags & Card Kit

Digital crafting kit, gift bag, digital greeting card, stationery, gift cards and gift tags, pansies, pansy, lilac, lilacsVIEW CRAFTING KIT HERE. Priced at $6.97, this set is so very versatile.  It’s a stationery tote with stationery sheets, blank note cards with text art for several different occasions, in addition it has lots of gift tags.  The tote bag can be used as a gift bag either for the product included in this set or any other small to medium sized gift!

VIEW MONOGRAM KIT HERE.  Priced at $4.97, if you purchase the monogram set that was created to match this stationery, you can make wonderfully elegant personalized stationery for yourself, friends or family!

Antiqued Victorian Violets Kits in the Store

Antiqued Victorian Pansies, digital clip art tea pots, tea cupsVIEW ART KIT HERE, AND PAPER KIT HEREThese kits were released earlier this year and in addition to the digital clip art sets by Audrey Jeanne Roberts, there are several printable crafting kits created by Abigail Scott DESIGN Studio that will be brought here as well.

One of the reasons we like to create crafting kits with the art is to give you some ideas of how you might use the art kits in creating your own items.  Feel free to “borrow” our ideas, we really don’t mind!

Antiqued Victorian Pansies 2 Digital Clip Art Kit, pansy tea setVIEW KIT #2 HERE Unfortunately, the hard drive that all the Abigail Scott designs kits were stored on is trying very hard to fail (we’re trying to offload things if we can) so pray that we’re able to grab the files before the disk fails permanently.  It’s a good reminder of how important it is to back up your files REGULARLY!!!!!!

VIEW ALPHA KIT HERE There is a drop capital set that coordinates with the Antiqued Victorian Pansy kit and many other clip art sets.  You can create your own personal stationery sets with monograms created with this clip art, you could create a beautiful wedding announcement, or use them to make a beautiful layout to frame a very special poem or sentiment.