Gerbera Daisies 2 Kit Coming This Week!

Gerbera Daisy, gerber daisies, digital card, scrapbooking and crafting kit.  butterfly, dragonflyOne of my top selling kits of all time has been the Gerbera Daisies kit that I introduced early last year.  Well, I revisited it and updated it in a little bit of a new direction and created Gerbera Daisies 2 and its companion paper pack that will be coming to the store next week.

gerbera daisies digital clip art, scrapbooking, scrapbook, card making kitsI have added some wonderfully textured, chalked, inked and otherwise distressed tags, frames and other goodies.  I’ve also created some very fun buttons and embellishments.

If you bought the Gerbera Daisie Scrapbooking Album I released last year (You can find it here GERBERA DAISIE INSTANT SCRAPBOOK ALBUM, and ORIGINAL GERBERA DAISY KIT 1) this kit was created to compliment them and could be also be used to create additional pages to coordinate with and expand on the album. 

scrapbooking papers, digital crafting, digital card making, hybrid digital scrapbookingI’ve also created some really fun "paper flowers" to take it in a more contemporary and whimsical direction.  The paper pack offers several different colorways of some very contemporary papers and wonderfully complex plaids, florals and swirly papers.  My 21 year daughter thinks this is the best (which help me to know I’m on track!) 

digital scrapbooking papers, hybrid scrapbook, digital card making, pink, swirls, gerber daisies, gerbera daisies. daisyI’ll post all of the previews at the Daisie Designers/Artist’s Announcement Forum later in the day, so you can see all of the item and papers included.  I’ll come back and post a link here once I do.

I’ll be back tomorrow and try to post a little more frequently as I’m (hopefully) almost through two huge projects that have been stealing all of my time and attention.  I’m REALLY hoping to get some painting time in soon as I’m itching to create some really new things instead of graphically arranging older things (which is what I end up doing for my mfg’s projects!)


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Hummingbird Digital Clip Art Kit for Crafting, Scrapping or Card Making

hummingbird digital clip art, scrapbooking, scrapping, card making, crafting, angel policy(UPDATE: THIS SET IS NOW IN THE STORE AND YOU CAN GET THERE BY CLICKING ON THE FIRST IMAGE TO THE LEFT)  The second set in the "Hummingbirds – Winged Jewels" series is being released on Friday at  I wanted to show you the previews of the art kit today and the paper pack probably tomorrow. 

When I first saw this antique wheelbarrow I absolutely fell in love with it, it reminds me of the "Velveteen Rabbit" of a gardener, well-loved, patched together and still useful!  I painted this image quite a few hummingbird digital clip art scrap, scrapping, scrapbooking, crafting, card making, angel policyyears ago and it still is one of my all-time favorites.  It was fun to pull elements out of this painting to create these two kits.

I’ve also included a text art piece that can be used for greeting cards, accenting scrapbook pages or many other uses.  I wrote the quote on it after watching how early my hummingbirds begin their days – they’re up before dawn at my feeders outside my bedroom and often awaken me with their "trash-talking" at one another!  If you’ve never heard them, they’re actually very loud little critters.

hummingbirds, digital clip art kit, ruby throated hummingbird, rufous, card making, crafting, angel policyThe main two hummingbirds included in this kit are Rufous (the brown with green and red throat) and Ruby-throated.  Both of these frequent my feeders so I’ve had a great selection of photos and real life experience to paint from , the green hummingbird is a tropical variety that I’d love to see in the wild one day.

Hummingbirds, watercolor artwork, digital clip art, wheelbarrow, floral, hollyhocks, fuschiaI’m planning on painting quite a few more hummingbirds later this spring.  Those of you that have read my blog for a while know that I feed about 100 hummers during the summer and I have a wealth of photos to work from.  They are such fascinating subjects that bring back wonderful memories of my childhood.  My mother planting hummingbird attracting flowers in every home that we lived in and we would sit for hours watching the winged jewels flit and play in our gardens. 

I hope that you’ll sense some of that wonder and enjoyment when you’re crafting with these art kits!  This will retail for $5.98 for the digital clip art kit and will be available on Friday, April 18th, 2008

THE SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY:  Song 2:12-13  Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. 
The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.  Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me."  NIV

PRAYER:  Lord, as I lift my eyes up and see the hills filled with the beauty of your creation this spring, my heart leaps thinking that you have made all of this for my joy and pleasure.  You paid attention to every detail in the "painting" that lies before me.  I am reminded that you also pay as careful attention to the details of my life and that I can trust you to paint a picture of beauty in it as well. 

Blow away the dinginess of winter and put a new song in my heart, give my a fresh joy and a eyes to see all that you have blessed me with in my life.  Thank you that you delight to spend time with me and that I too am a beautiful creation in your eyes!  Show me how to grow into a deeper more loving relationship with you, it’s my heart’s desire.  AMEN

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And the Blog Contest Winner of Free Digital Clip Art is…

First… I have my family draw from a jar of numbers without looking at the posts so there’s absolute and total randomness to the winner.  And for those that post here, you can win more than once.  The blog winner is the third comment on this post:

She is one of the most faithful readers and commentors and I want to say "Congratulations" to her!  She’ll win the Hummingbirds 2 Paper Pack that is coming out next week and that I’ll preview later today along with its counterpart the Hummingbirds 2 Art Kit. 

The next Free Digital Clip Art contest starts today and runs through the end of the month with the drawing to be held on the first of May.  All you have to do is post a comment on any and all posts between today’s and the end of the month and you’re automatically entered.  Good Luck!

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Free Strawberry Clip Art Digital Recipe Card With Recipe

Strawberry clip art, recipe card, strawberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, crafting, scrapbooking, freebieTo show you what can be done with the "Berry Sweet" Digital Clip Art kit available from, I thought I would make a recipe card with it and then of course I had to search the web for a great recipe to fill it in with.  I found this website after googling "healthy cookies."  The site is

I’ve created this freebie both with and without the recipe on it so you can put your own scrumptious strawberry goodies on a beautiful card and maybe even give them away to brighten someone’s day!

To download the file, simply click on the image and it will take you to a downloading site where you’ll be able to retrieve the file.  It will take about 30 seconds or so for the link to download to show up.  It will be in the center of the page.

Feel free to share these with friends either by directing them here to my blog, or by including all the files that are in the folder so that they know the terms of use and who the art was created by.  So if you have a message board or yahoo group that you like to share goodies with you have my permission to do so.  Enjoy!  Now, if only I had some strawberries and chocolate chips handy… must write it on my grocery list 🙂


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Whew! It’s been a BUSY week.

digital scrapbooking, card crafting, scrapbook watercolor digital art, water lily, water lillies, paisley

This "Butterfly Garden" paper pack is available this morning at  You can go to the kit by clicking on the picture to the left and a window will pop up that will take you there.

Deb D wrote me a comment this morning that I must be really busy because I’m falling behind in my blogging.  She’s so right!  I spent my week working out a new fabric line for a new license I’m doing.  The line will be available in quilt shops across the nation once it hits the stores in September and will be shown at Quilt Market in October.  The work involved designing the patterns for 9 fabrics and 2 color ways.  I can’t tell you yet what it is, but I’m very pleased with it and with the fabric company’s art direction for it.  I think it’s going to be both very fun and yet elegant and contemporary all together.

When I get a large project like that, everything else in my life seems to grind to a halt and back up.  Can you identify?  So what do I do?  I take on another challenge… you’ve got to wonder sometimes about my sanity, LOL! 

This challenge will ultimately help me though and maybe you too.  I’ve been working with Abigail Scott DESIGN Studio on a new day planner they approached me about.  They’re using my hummingbird art and asked if I would help them design the function of the day planner.  It has really helped me to think about how I work and how I can work better.  I’ve been thinking a lot about working my priorities into each day, not just the urgent tasks that need to be done.  I’m using the first version right now to test its functionality and when we’re comfortable with it, they’ll polish it up and get it into the store.  I think those of you that are overwhelmed and disorganized at times (like me) will enjoy this set.  Having beautiful art to look at makes the task of organizing myself a little more tolerable, LOL!

Last night, my youngest daughter, Jacqui came and chatted with me about feeling overwhelmed and unsure that she’s getting anywhere in her goals on life.  I think that these concerns plague all of us, from the young to the old.  How do I know that what I do today is important, not just urgent?  How do I get everything done that needs to be done and still have time for me?  What would I do if I had "me" time?!  Most of us don’t have a clue!!!

paisley, plaid, large checked, striped digital paper pack, crafting, card making, scrapbookingIn the Day Planner, I’ve set up project planning pages which I’m using for everything from garage/shop clean up to redesigning my framed print line and getting my web site up (the most important project that is still lagging behind)  Using these have helped me to get my thoughts down on paper and filed where I can locate them again.  In a way, it’s taken the load off of my brain because I don’t have to "remember" the information anymore, it’s written down. 

Part of the process is writing down the steps to accomplishing the goal.  I just do a brain dump not worrying about if the steps are in order or not, I can look the list over and tackle the project a step at a time and then check that step off the list.  It’s amazing how doing a few little steps on several nagging projects has made me feel more accomplished and even rested this week.  I was shocked at how little time it actually took once I had written it down and purposed just to do a little. It seems like I’m keeping my life more in balance this way, tackling projects from every area of my life a little at a time.  Usually I tend to go intensely into one area and neglect the rest 🙂

Here’s my thought for the day:  ONE CHOICE AT A TIME… get control of your life one small area at a time.  Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow, just determine to make the next choice you make the right choice.  (Audrey Jeanne Roberts)

THE SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY: Ps 65:3-5 When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions.   Blessed are those you choose and bring near to live in your courts!  We are filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple. You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness, O God our Savior, NIV

The word "sin" is a word picture of missing the mark as an archer shooting at a target.  Most of us are perfectionists at heart, but when we aim at perfection, we all "miss the mark."  It is not possible to achieve here on earth, but the heavenly standard is perfection.  We all sin.  We all are "sinners."  Only Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life.  He doesn’t hold that over our heads, he offers instead to live his perfection out in us.  He gives us the power and the strength to live a more perfect life (never achieving perfection but coming closer and closer to hitting the mark) the more we trust and abide in him.

PRAYER:  Lord, I am overwhelmed at times by how far I am from living the life I imagine I should be.  I try and try to get life under control and only feel all the more overwhelmed at my inability to do so.  Bring me close to you and help me to live my life "in your courts" in your presence, power and through the perfection of Jesus’ life lived in me. 

Remind me of all your blessings, the good things you have done and will continue to work out in me.  You truly do answer my cries for help with awesome deeds of righteousness and you are My God and My Savior!  Jesus, come into my life and begin living your life of perfection out in my humble heart.  AMEN

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Are You Anxious For Spring? A New Digital Clip Art Kit Might Help a Little!

(UPDATE this set is now available for $5.98.  Just click on the first picture and it will take you to the store)  This kit will be out later this week or early next week and will sell for $5.98 for a digital downloadable clip art kit you’ll be able to find at www.daisiecompany.combutterfly fountain garden digital clip art scrapbook scrapbooking crafting kitI was looking through my art archives today and found a painting that I did about 4 years ago when I first moved to my mountain home and was experiencing my very first spring here.  Being born and raised in San Diego, California, I had never experienced a cold-weather climate and the sudden explosion of spring.  San Diego spring’s just lazily roll out one type of flower group at a time, starting around early March and since there’s very little that hibernates over the winter you almost barely notice.

greeting card front fountain, pond, garden, garden bench digital clip artWell… the wonder of going out into my yard each morning and discovering a dozen types of bulbs popping up all over the yard, lilacs putting out their buds, and the beautiful new green of oak leaves as they begin to open was a tremendous delight.  This set of two paintings, "Butterfly Garden" and "Garden pond" came out of my imagination of what I would love my garden to look like — I have to admit I’ve never quite gotten there!

garden paintings, artwork, rose arch bench, fountain, pond, butterflies, digital clip artThe painting with the hedged in hidden garden and fountain was inspired by the garden outside of my room when I stayed in South Africa to write and illustrate a series of six books.  Christian Art Publications brought me in to work with their wonderful team and every afternoon and evening I looked out upon a huge fountain and manicured gardens of a victorian era home that had become a guest house facility.  Though my trip was in October, in the southern hemisphere they were just experiencing the beginning stirrings of spring and the change that occurred in the two weeks I was there was amazing.

garden bench, roses, picket fence, flowers, rock path, digital clip artThis kit includes 5, 4" x 6" painting portions that can be used to make greeting card fronts.  There are four backgrounds and extremely detailed images of an arched rose-covered bench, a wooden garden bench and two fountains that have been clipped out of the artwork so that you can use them as individual elements in your crafting.

I hope that if you are feeling blue from the long, loooooong winter many of you have been experiencing that this beautiful blue butterfly garden will bring a little cheer into your days.

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY: Song 4:15-16  You are a garden fountain, a well of  Flowing water streaming down from Lebanon.  Awake, north wind,  and come, south wind!  Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread abroad.  Let my lover come into his garden and taste its choice fruits. NIV

PRAYER:  Lord, sometimes I feel like a dried up, end-of-winter garden.  All is dead and cold and I wonder if there will ever be new life in my heart again.  Today is one of those days.  Come blow on my garden with the warm winds of your love and cause my heart to spring to life once again. 

Bring the seed that you have hidden in my heart to life and let me bloom again for your pleasure.  Help me to remember that you are pictured in the  word as my lover, and I am to become your bride — remind me that it is not service you desire but love and relationship.  Make of me a fruitful garden that bring you delight.  AMEN


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The Blog Contest Winner is…., hummingbirds digital clip art kitThe tenth comment on this post

Congratulations to the winner, you will win the Paper Pack that released today that coordinates with  "Hummingbirds – Winged Jewels"  Both of these kits are now available by clicking on the pictures.  A pop up window will take you to the Daisie Company Digital Download store.

pastel paper pack, digital clip art, hummingbird kit coordinate.Here is the coordinating paper pack.  It works perfectly with this set and its companion which will be releasing in another week or two and also matches with most all of the spring or summer sets and even baby kits.  It’s a very versatile paper pack.

The winner will have a link emailed to her so she can download her winnings.  Congratulations and I hope she’ll enjoy it a bunch!

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