My Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Spray by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

This is my favorite find of the day.  I met with the owner, Wendy Senger this morning and fell in love with absolutely everything she had in her booth.  She gave me permission to right click and use her images for my blog, but the internet ogre strikes yet again!  This computer system at the show won’t allow me to do so.  I’m sure that it is an issue with virus safety in a public forum.

So here’s the direct link to her website: 

The spray has the most elegant shimmer to it, not overdone, but definitely a touch of glamour.  Her sprays have a color to them that will take a paper or image probably 2 or 3 tones deeper with the color very transparent so that what you have underneath shines through.  She’s tested her sprays on most inks and most printers, if your ink is not water proof, you may see some blurring as it is a water-based product, but the look is very misty and romantic anyway! 

The most popular items are Iridescent gold, pearl and her metallics.  Wendy said that she uses her smallest sized product for 3 shows before it runs out and she averages 500 tags per show so a little goes a very, very long way! 

I got a sample to test out when I get home and I’ll be sure to let you know what my experience is! 

I spent a lot of time today with the editors at Digital Scrapbooking Magazine ( talking about submitting some kits for possible use in their magazine.  They are warm and wonderful (and amazingly creative people!)  I had lunch with two of their editorial staff and will feature their blogs later on.

Okay, I’ve delayed going out walking as long as I can… my feet are SORE!!!!  Talk to you all later!

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6 thoughts on “My Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Spray by Audrey Jeanne Roberts”

  1. I wish you luck submitting for the magazine. The elegant shimmer spray sounds like something interesting to try. Keep having fun. Too bad it involves getting sore feet.

  2. I looked at the website, but many of the gallery items didn’t come up 🙁

    Looks like a nice product though.

  3. The Glimmer Mist sounds wonderful…I don’t do cards, but it sounds wonderful for other paper crafts! And best of luck with your kits and Digital Scrapbooking Mag….sounds like they are the lucky ones to find you. 🙂

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