Memory Trends Scrapbooking Show Wednesday Morning by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

One of the favorite things I saw this morning was by Doodlebug Designs.  They had a whole line called "Sugar Coated" which was pre-glittered chipboard letters, brads and other cool embellishments.  I love glitter, but if you’re creating a card or a gift in a hurry or you’re hand-applying the glitter it rubs off on absolutely everything.  Sometimes I find it worth spending a little extra to get professionally applied glittered objects so I don’t wear it as an accent for the next week! 

Doodlebug’s were in great color combinations, some were prepackaged for Halloween and Christmas in very trendy color ways and others were individual colors.  The overall theme of their display was in great contemporary pastel colors.  The Brads retail at $4.99 for a bunch and the chipboard letters were $6.99.  You can look them up on the web at

Also, Tim Holz has been here demonstrating a lot of goodies, one of my favorite items is his Distress Crackle Paint.  If you’ve ever had trouble getting the crackle to be just right or the paint to cover your item before it begins to crackle and then ruins the look you’re going for, his paint has the crackle mixed in and it simply begins to crack as it dries.  Easy enough for anyone to do a great job with!  You can find out about his products at

I have pages and pages and pages of sketches done and ready to attack when I get home.  It’s so amazing what happens at a show like this.  I’ll walk by a booth, see a tiny item that triggers a thought not even remotely related to what I just saw and then I’m off to sketch!!!  Not sure exactly how this brain of mine is wired, but it works in mysterious ways.  Well… back down the aisles I go!



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7 thoughts on “Memory Trends Scrapbooking Show Wednesday Morning by Audrey Jeanne Roberts”

  1. “Not sure exactly how this brain of mine is wired, but it works in mysterious ways.”

    Sounds like you have some non-linear thought patterns going on in there. šŸ˜€
    Many creative people think in non-linear ways. (Mine is BEYOND non-linear :-)… you just wouldn’t believe it if you stepped inside this brain!!!! Hugs, aj)

  2. šŸ™ I couldn’t get the links to work for me, but the “Sugar Coated” line by Doodlebugs sounds terrific! (I’m going to edit that this morning, I don’t thing Word Press recognized it as a web site because of the unusual address. You can also copy and past the address into your browser and it will work from there Hugs, AJ)

  3. Boy, wish we all could attend a show like this. They would make a bundle off us and we would get so many new products.

  4. This is so much fun! Almost like being there! And I can’t wait to see what wonderful artsie things you create!

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