Memory Trends Scrapbooking Show Final Day by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

The show traffic is very light this morning, so I’ve had a good chance to sit down and talk with several manufacturers that may be interested in licensing my art for scrapbooking products… we’ll see where it goes and you guys will be the first to know when and if the lines go to market.  One of the companies does the most amazing stickers, epoxy stickers and premade 3D tags etc.  Very, very fun!!!!

I discovered a beautiful product called Prism Papers.  They produce an exquisite line of cardstock that has a very elegant shimmery or metallic finish to it.  The papers are two-sided and the color runs through the entire paper so when you tear your edges to make mattes out of it has the color running all the way through.  I wish I could show you how beautifully it tears.  This paper would make fabulous greeting cards or tags and frames to coordinate with the graphics you print out.

You can only find this product in local stores (none of the majors carry it) so if you have a local scrapbook shop you might ask them to carry it.  You can also find them online at  I forgot to ask if they sell direct to the public off of their web site. 

I also did a make and take at Lasting Impressions.  They produce some extremely cool brass embossing plates that are very fun and contemporary.  I will stop back by their booth and pick up a catalog (I forgot to 🙂 ) so I can give you their website.  They produce a scrapbooking program called "Memory Mixers" that I picked up a review copy of to test out.  If it’s as easy as it appeared to be, I’ll let you know and recommend where you can get it.  Its entry version retails for $35 and the upper version around $80.  The only difference is the amount of art that is included. 

Well… I"m going to wrap things up pretty soon and head back to my hotel to catch my shuttle.  I hope you enjoyed tagging along with me.  I sure wish we could have roamed the aisles together as I’m sure you would have spotted different things than I did — there’s just toooooo much to see, even at a smaller show like this one!

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8 thoughts on “Memory Trends Scrapbooking Show Final Day by Audrey Jeanne Roberts”

  1. I hope you have a safe trip home. Was very nice of you to give us a slight
    tour of what you found at the show. We miss seeing you one the board.
    HUrry home

  2. I WOULD HAVE LOVED BEING THERE WITH YOU MY FRIEND!! I MISSED ROAMING THE AISLES WITH YOU AND STIRRING UP TROUBLE AND SCATTERING BLESSINGS ALL ALONG THE WAY!! WE ALWAYS HAVE SUCH FUN TOGETHER!!! I WILL PRAY FOR JUST THE RIGHT DOORS TO OPEN FOR YOU… YOUR ART IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT FOR SCRAPPERS… THEY LOVE YOU AND SO DO I!! HUGS… (I thought of you so often as I roamed the halls alone. We had so much fun at CHA and our times at the CBA shows, Christian Booksellers Association for those that don’t recognize the acronym, oh well… maybe next year! AJ)


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