Memory Trends Scrapbooking Show Afternoon Goodies

Okay, for you "Glitter Queens" I’ve got some scruptious finds for you today!  Uchida pens has a brand new glitter pen that lays down a wonderful amount of microglitter with the precision control of a pen.  It’s so fast and easy that those of you who do crafting and need speed will fall in LOVE with these pens.  They come in gold, silver and multi color sparkle.  I was assured that they have had no complaints of clogging (my FIRST question!)  My experience with glitter products in spray cans has been much less than satisfactory.  They do not know when these will be in stores, but look for them soon  You can find more information at  The best part is that these markers are usable on fabric if you heat set them first.  I forgot to ask the retail price on them, but I’m sure they’re very reasonably priced.

Then I ran into what appears to be a smaller company call "Sparkle N Sprinkle."  They had several products I think will be of specific interest to you crafters.  The first one that caught my eye was a Raised Glue that adds dimension and to which you can add glitter.  It takes a couple of hours to dry but then it remains fully dimensional to make highlighting areas in your designs very easy and fun.  Their website is

They also had a brushable glue that dries very quickly and you can add glitter very easily to your products and it really stays put.

They also carry some very beautiful and interesting glitters.  My favorite was their "Celestial" which was a bronze glitter that would go incredibly well with yesterday’s favorite pick "My Tattered Angels" glimmer sprays.  Some other favorite colors are "Sparkling Snow," a great multi color irridescent that would be a workhorse, appropriate for most any project.  Also and unusual color "Lavender Iris" which has a white base with cool lavendar and light aqua accents in the inrridescence (please forgive my spelling as I don’t have time to look the words up πŸ™‚ )

Finally, this same company has cut acrylic shapes that would make outstanding magnets.  They were showing 2" square acrylic stamped on the reverse side, dipped in glitter glue on the edge and then mounted on a 3" metallic cardstock.  However, for the digital junkies among you, imagine printing out your digital image, mounting it behind the acrylic mount, trimmed out with the glitter of your choice and then mounted on a printed paper background to match with your text around the square… instant product for craft shows!   The acrylic shapes were priced at $4.50 for 12, 2" pieces at retail.  They do offer wholesale sales with proper I.D. and quantities.

I have had an incredibly productive day.  I have probably sketched out enoug product ideas for the next 6 months or more!!!!  Wishing you were here…. Have a great day!


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8 thoughts on “Memory Trends Scrapbooking Show Afternoon Goodies”

  1. It sounds like you are having soooo much fun! And finding such cool toys! Thanx so so much for sharing all of this info with us!

  2. It’s a good thing that I am not there because there would be way too many things for me to see and want. I always love finding new things.

  3. Thanks for all the great information. Can’t wait to find out more about the glitter pens. They sound wonderful.

  4. Glitter, glitter, glitter! Oh, how I wish I were there! I LOVE glitter. Thanks so much for sharing your great finds with us!

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