Memory Trends Scrapbook Show Report by Audrey Jeanne Roberts

I stopped by one of my favorite suppliers in the industry, Impact Images.  They produce crystal clear resealable bags and a lot of other goodies that a professional crafter or someone who just wants their gifts to look as professional as possible can use.

Clear acylic resealable bags are available in any size including 12 x 12 for scrapbooking, 5 x7, 8 x 10 and a host of other common sizes.

The other item that I imagine a lot of you might be able to use is their  soft fold clear boxes that can be used as totally clear packaging for notecard kits or other items.  Their web site is for retail sales and for wholesale.  You qualify for wholesale prices if you order $40 or more.  The only information needed is if you are in California or Tennesee you’ll need your resale # for sales tax collection purposes. 

They have a wide range of shapes and sizes and are extremely affordably priced.  Have fun peeking around!

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7 thoughts on “Memory Trends Scrapbook Show Report by Audrey Jeanne Roberts”

  1. Oh AJ, I sure wish I was there, walking around with you. I do understand the ‘aching feet’ syndrome – lol!

    Sounds like there are lots of new ideas to share. Thanks for being there for us and finding all these good things that we just ‘have to have’!

    Have a fun time! Wear your most comfortable tennies – because at a show like that fashion begins at the knees!


  2. Those are cool. I don’t need that many though πŸ™ Maybe someone would like to split an order with me πŸ™‚

  3. I am familiar with ClearBags and Clear Envelopes, though I’ve never used them. It’s nice to know that you have a good opinion of them. It’s hard buying from someone new. Thanks again for sharing! (I’ve done business with the parent company, Impact images for close to twenty years and have found them to be absolutely perfect in customer service. I couldn’t recommend a supplier more πŸ™‚ AJ)

  4. The company mailed me a copy of their catalog recently. I want to place an order with them. Its great to know you have seen the company upclose and that you have done business with them.


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